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The Grim reaper hood was the reward for the 2007 Hallowe'en event. The Grim Reaper set the player various tasks in order to claim this prize and the Scared emote (if players didn't already have it from previous Hallowe'en events) and a new emote called Zombie Hand, which involves a zombie's hand springing out of the ground, the player dodging it, and the hand retreating back into its hole. The Grim reaper hood cannot be obtained anymore, as it is a discontinued item.

If it is destroyed, another can be obtained by talking to Diango in Draynor Village.

It can be stored in the toy box in the Costume room of a player-owned house.

A player wearing the Grim reaper hood.


  • The hood is one of the two hoods that can be worn by nonmembers. The second is the christmas ghost hood.
  • During a glitch that came with the 2007 Halloween update, players who had never completed the quest were able to get one Grim reaper hood from their toy box in their [player-owned house|house). Many players thought this was planned and begun to sell everything they got just to level construction, so they could build a costume room. But then Jagex fixed this glitch. When everyone who had the "fake" hood tried to wear it, it disappeared.
  • The Grim reaper hood used to have a different icon, but it was changed to the current one during early 2009.
  • A new glitch appeared on 9 May 2009. Some players who never did the 2007 Halloween event had the Grim reaper hood on there Holiday-return box from Diango. When a player tried to wear the hood, it disappeared. The hood then went back to the return box. This glitch has now recently been fixed. Players who had tried to wear their grim reaper hoods that they had kept in the banks or inventories found that it disappeared.
  • On the day of the Halloween event 2007, many players complained to Jagex on the official forums that the Grim reaper hood did not match with any existing black robes. To this day, the colour of the Grim reaper hood still does not match the colour of any existing robes perfectly.
  • At one time, if you were a female in the game, and wore either a Bandos chestplate, a Skillcape, or both, along with the Grim reaper hood, the player's head would become glitchy. This glitch has been fixed and no longer works.
  • On the first day of release, the hood could be dropped and picked up rather than destroyed like most holiday items.
  • Oddly, the destroy info states "You should be able to get another one from Diango, while most holiday item destroy info says "You will be able to get another one from Diango."
  • Players cannot cast any alchemy spells on the hood. Doing so causes the sentence "The Grim Reaper probably wouldn't approve of that." to display in the chat window.
The skill cape and hood glitch.

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