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Gray Wolf

Grey Wolf (New Earth)
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Tribal leader

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Grey Wolf was an Apache warrior who lived in the territory of Echo Valley in the mid 18th Century. Grey Wolf's's rival for position as tribal chief was a man named Grey Elk. Grey Wolf was a suitor to Grey Elk's daughter, Moon Fawn, but was rejected in favor of Moon Fawn's husband of prophecy, Tomahawk. He reluctantly attended Moon Fawn and Tomahawk's nuptials.

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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy Enemy
Warg Wolf
Warg Wolf PSP
Japanese ウォーグウルフ
Romaji Wōguurufu
NES Name Grey Wolf
PS Name Warg Wolf
GBA Name Warg Wolf
PSP Name Warg Wolf

The Warg Wolf is an enemy that appears in the original Final Fantasy. They are a palette swap of the Wolf enemy, having a red back instead of a yellow one. They are harder enemies that appear in packs, along with wolves.

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Grey Wolf
Production information

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer


1,600 meters


TIE/ln starfighters


Rebellion era

Present for battles/events

Destruction of the Glory


Galactic Empire

The Grey Wolf was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer best known as being the temporary flagship of then-Admiral Thrawn during Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin's attempted coup against Emperor Palpatine approximately one year before the Battle of Endor.


This Star Destroyer was specifically used during the punitive campaign against Ali Tarrak and the Nami in response to their theft of the TIE/D Defender technology. Under the guidance of Thrawn, and with the assistance of ace pilot Maarek Stele, the Grey Wolf successfully destroyed three Rebel Carrack-class light cruisers and two Rebel Strike-class Star Cruisers—the Lonsigar 1 and Lonsigar 2—in addition to their substantial starfighter attachments.

The Grey Wolf was also responsible for deploying the Missile Boat piloted by Stele that succeeded in destroying the Nami starfighter factory. Thrawn would later utilize the Star Destroyer during his efforts at hunting down Zaarin and eventually destroying the rogue officer's flagship, the Star Destroyer Glory.

Throughout the campaign, the Grey Wolf was commonly deployed with the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Corvus and the Strike-class cruisers Ebolo and Daring. After the successful destruction of the Glory, the fate of the Grey Wolf is unknown.


  • Star Wars: TIE Fighter


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