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Level 77
Experience 1100
Location Isafdar
Trap Box trap
Preferred bait Raw pawya meat - Required
Retaliation Unknown
Loot Grenwall spikes, Bones, Raw pawya meat, Ranarr, Toadflax, Irit, Avantoe, Kwuarm, Cadantine, Lantadyme, Dwarf weed.
Examine A spiny creature.

Grenwall are vicious Hunter creatures found only in the forests of Isafdar. Level 77 Hunter is required to catch them. Box traps must be baited with raw pawya meat as they hunt pawya; unlike most other Hunter creatures, bait is required to catch Grenwalls. They offer the most experience of any Hunter creature when caught.

Upon successfully looting the creature, they drop from 18 to 21 of their Grenwall Spikes. These spikes can be used to make Extreme ranging potions, sold to the hunter stores in Yanille and Nardah, or used as an alternative for Arrow shafts. In addition to dropping their unique spikes, players can also get random herbs when they loot them (usually above ranarr).


All elf hunting creatures will either run or hide themselves when players are near them, so they should make sure to run a few steps away after the trap is laid. A useful method to counter their evasive action would be to run at the creature, and upon it hiding, surround it in baited traps. When the creature becomes active again, it will have a much higher chance of going directly into one of your traps, and you're free to pick up the remaining unused ones to get your bait back.

Jagex also specifies that due to the magical influence of Isafdar, Grenwalls are not fooled by the use of camouflage gear.

When they attack a pawya, the prey would be hit at a distance along with a strange hissing sound. The pawya would lie, probably dead, on the ground until the Grenwall comes up and eat it, and when examined it was stated the creature was attacked.

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