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Production information
Technical specifications

Roof-mounted X23 NNEMP Cannon


Combat Support Vehicle


Human-Covenant War






The Gremlin Combat Support Vehicle is a combat support vehicle used by the UNSC Marine Corps during 2531, during the early years of the Human-Covenant War. It has been seen engaging enemies with its roof-mounted EMP gun [1]. It is a Special Purpose Vehicle, whose special ability is to temporarily disable non-infantry units. It is Anders' unique unit and as such it is produced inside the fortress' Command Center. It can be upgraded with Focusing Lens, to increase its weapon's range and effectiveness and with the Chain Amplifier, an upgrade which allows the EMP gun to hit multiple targets and disable it temporarily. The Gremlin is a very poor choice for combating infantry as it's energy weapon is inadequate against all infantry units, and it's EMP will have no effect. The Gremlin is reasonably effective against Flood units and buildings.


Like the Cobra, the Gremlin moves on 6 tires, with 2 at the front and 4 towards the rear. The driver's sit in the front of the vehicle, and instead of having a window to see out of, it features a one way screen similar to a Spartan's visor. The weaponry is mounted on top of the Gremlin, allowing it to target and release easier.

Cost and Upgrades

The Gremlin as shown in Halo Wars.

Resource: 200

Minimum Tech Level: 2

Population Count: 1


  • Focusing Lens: Enhances laser attack's range and damage. 200 resources and tech level of two.
  • Chain Amplifier: EMP special ability can now hit up to three targets. 450 resources and tech level of three.


  • It is vaguely similar in appearance to the cut "Cougar" unit, and was likely inspired by it.
  • The "Gremlin" moniker is a reference to the folkloric creature of the same name, which aviators sometimes jokingly claim cause mechanical problems in aircraft. An appropriate name, considering the Gremlin's EMP capabilities.
  • This is one of the two UNSC vehicles that is not named after a real life animal, instead being named after a mythological creature like most Covenant vehicles, the other being the Cyclops.
  • The Gremlin is used to weaken the tractor beams in Shield World (Level).


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