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Grees was a Squib that, along with Emala and Sligh, "helped" Han and Leia Solo during the skirmishes on Tatooine while trying to obtain Killik Twilight. He later became a war profiteer along with Emala and Sligh during the Killik-Chiss Swarm War. He was a member of the organization known as the Directors,


Providing it to the New Republic Intelligence agency, the trio worked out of Tatooine. Grees accompanied Leia Organa Solo and her husband, Han Solo, to Tatooine, in attempting to capture a lone group of Imperials in search of the Killik Twilight. After their debacle with the Solo's, the Squibs decided that selling art to the Imperials would garner them wealth and knowledge about the secretive Imperial Remnant. Aligned with the Invisble Shell, they did nothing to correct the NRI's assumption that it was Ludlo Lebauer providing the artworks to the Empire, because it allowed for a distraction from their organization. Grees, however became too greedy and wasted their scapegoat by becoming his prisoner. Frozen in carbonite, Emala and Sligh once more manipulated the Solos in order for them to help them. Arranging a meeting via their NRI contacts, the Squibs and the Solos met on Pavo Prime and agreed to combine forces in order to re-obtain Grees and ten Alderaanian boasas. After completing the mission, the Directors quickly fled for the Outer Rim.

After the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the group formed a new organization known as Second Mistake Enterprises. Hired by the Colony to transport spinglass sculptures to the rest of the galaxy, they were responsible for the near disastrous invasion of Galactic Alliance capital ships by Gorog assassins. After they were reprimanded, the Directors planned several assassination plots against Han, Leia, and Jaina Solo, all of which failed.

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