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Green Magick (green color) on the License Board

Green Magick is found in Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It focuses on using status effects to buff the party and weaken enemies. It consists of a combination of what is normally considered White and Black Magic, similar to the "Gray Magic" of Final Fantasy VI.




Final Fantasy XII

In the International Zodiac Job System version, changes have been made where many Green Magicks have been transferred into White Magick; the only remaining spell is Oil, and Arcane Magicks placed here.

NB! "MP cost" is defined as default MP cost. Channeling Licenses can lower MP cost of any spell.

Name Description MP cost Price License LP cost
Protect Raise one ally's defense. 8 200 Green Magick 1 25
Blind Lower one foe's chance to hit. 8 200
Poison Damage one foe over time. 10 500 Green Magick 2 30
Shell Raise one ally's magick resist. 8 300
Silence Prevent one foe from casting magicks. 8 400 Green Magick 3 35
Sleep Put one foe to sleep. 8 700
Oil Increase fire damage dealt to all foes in range. 8 600 Green Magick 4 40
Toxify Damage all foes in range over time. 26 4100
Silencega Prevent all foes in range from casting magicks. 22 6800 Green Magick 5 45
Blindga Lower the chance to hit of all foes in range. 20 6800
Bravery Increase one ally's physical attack damage by 30%. 24 5800 Green Magick 6 50
Faith Augment one ally's magick by 30-50%. 24 5800
Sleepga Put all foes in range to sleep. 26 7900 Green Magick 7 105
Shellga Raise magick resist of all allies in range. 40 9900
Protectga Raise defense of all allies in range. 36 9600

International Zodiac Job System

Most Green Magick spells have been recategorized as White Magick. Several Arcane Magick spells have been placed here. These spells are available to the White Mage, Red Mage, Time Mage and Black Mage jobs, while Machinists can only access Level 1 spells with the Esper Exodus.

Name Description MP cost Price License LP cost
Decoy Cause one ally to be the target of all foes. 10 2000 Green Magick 1 40
Oil Increase fire damage dealt to one foe. 8 800
Drain Transfer HP from one foe to the caster. 18 3000 Green Magick 2 50
Reverse Cause healing and damage to have opposite effect on one foe. 20 7000
Bubble Double max HP of one ally. 32 5000 Green Magick 3 90
Syphon Transfer MP from one foe to the caster. 2 3500

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Green Magick is the skillset of the Green Mage. The spells Protect and Shell have been transferred from the White Magic of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to this skillset, which also includes a variety of debuffs and the new spells Tranq and Leap.

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