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Appearing in "Terminal for a Tragedy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Colonel Krisp (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Joseph (Single appearance)
  • O'Neil (Single appearance)
  • President of the United States (Single appearance)
  • Ralph (Single appearance)




  • None

Synopsis for "Terminal for a Tragedy"

Second of a two issue story. In deep space, Hal Jordan is unconcious and John Stewart is trying to carry him out of the gravity of a neutron star. On Earth, Black Canary has been captured by Colonel Krisp. She has been strapped to two large gears. Colonel Krisp tells Green Arrow that his organization, the Federal Intelligence Agency, considers the President a traitor and unless Green Arrow kills him, his organization will kill Black Canary. The conference will be equipped with a metal detector and Green Arrow is to shoot an arrow from approximately 200 yards away. Green Arrow attacks Krisp and his men but the gears begin turning. Green Arrow tries unsuccessfully to stop it when Krisp reveals he controls the gears with a hand-held device. As long as he presses the button, the gears remain stationary. Green Arrow decides he has no choice and agrees to Krisp's demands.

Meanwhile an alien vessel rescues the two Green Lanterns and offer to help cure Hal Jordan with their Telluratron, a device which heals the spirit by forcing a person to confront their greatest fear. In the unit, Green Lantern faces an image of Hal Jordan as his greatest fear is his inadequacy as a person. Green Lantern wins the fight and emerges healthy. The aliens offer to take the heroes back to Earth.

Back on Earth, Green Arrow has designed and built a special bow capable of firing an arrow 200 yards. He fires a special arrow which releases a cloud of gas when it hits the President. He tells Krisp's aide that the gas paralyzes people instantly and Krisp, who was within the cloud, will keep the button controlling the gears pressed. Green Arrow has written a note explaining the whole situation and hopes the military, after spotting and killing him, will read the note and save Black Canary. As the military helicopters spot the Green Arrow and are prepared to strike, the two Green Lanterns arrive and disable the helicopters.


  • No special notes.


  • Green Arrow was clean shaven this issue but began regrowing his beard.

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