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Appearing in "Cosmic Enemy Number One!"

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Synopsis for "Cosmic Enemy Number One!"

On the set of the Green Lantern television show, an actor playing the Green Lantern's role is struck dead. Investigating as Green Lantern, Hal meets Charles Vicker, the actor who usually plays the role of Green Lantern on the television series, however his party lifestyle prevented him from acting that day and his brother ended up filling in.

Contacted by the Guardians, Hal is told that thirteen Green Lanterns have been killed, and give him the coordinates of the killer. Charlie, wanting to do anything to help is refused by Hal, however Hal uses his power ring to give them a link so that if there is anyway that Charlie can help in the future as he searches for his brothers killer, Hal can call on Charlie.

Attacking the shooter, who is a robot, Hal learns of the name of the planet it came from: Gmane. Traveling to Oa, Hal meets with Tomar-Re and Katma Tui and other Green Lanterns. Telling the Guaridans what he knows, the tell all present that Gmane is a prison planet where dangerious criminals are sent and put in different dimensional vibrations from one another. The reveal that Abin Sur once disposed of "Cosmic Enemy Number One", a 1920's Gangster by the name of Al Magone, who was taken to the planet as well.

Learning that Magone managed to destroy the device that kept all the criminals out of synch with one another and that they have all teamed togeather to kill all the Green Lanterns, the Guardians sends all the available Green Lanterns to the planet to quell the uprising. There, Hal and the others battle various aliens from other worlds, and Hal himself finds himself trapped aboard a space shuttle that is colored yellow, trapping him inside.

Using his power ring, he calls in Charlie for help who free's Hal, in return Hal creates a power ring for Charlie and the two rush into battle to help the others defeat the criminals.


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  • Al Magone is a clear reference to Al Capone. Duh.

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