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Appearing in "Green Lantern's Evil Alter Ego!"

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  • 58th Century



Synopsis for "Green Lantern's Evil Alter Ego!"

While spending the night at a mid-western motel, Hal decides to examine the strange items (a crystal and a shard of metal) by reverse carbon dating it with his power ring, and soon learns that it comes from the future hear 5707 AD.

While in the future, the Solarites have been terrorized by a villain calling himself Dr. Strangehate, who reveals himself to be Pol Manning, who everyone present finds impossible to believe as they have not pulled Hal Jordan from the past. Pol reveals that he was created subconciously by Green Lantern's power ring and that he intends to take over the Star City, destroying the machine that allows them to transfer Hal to the future.

While back in the past, Hal decides to investigate the future when he believes he hears a faint call for help. Traveling to the future as Green Lantern. He appears before Pol Manning, Dasor and Iona. Hal easily defeats Pol in battle, allowing him to be subdued by the Solarites. Afterwards, Dasor and Iona plug Hal into a machine that makes remember his adventures as Pol Manning.

However during his trial, Pol is freed by his army of unevolved creatures, who injur Hal, take Iona and escaping. Not listening to orders to rest, Hal travels to Pol's base and fights to free Iona. Defeating Pol and his army, Hal turns him over to the Solarites who begin reconditioning Pol to be a functional member of society.
After, Hal reveals how he learned about the future, before leaving Hal wonders why there is not a Green Lantern in the 58th century. The story closes with the Guaridans of the Universe revealing to the reader that there was no reason to establish a Green Lantern in that era when if there was sufficient trouble to warrent the aid of a Green Lantern, the Solarites could pull the modern day Green Lantern into the future.


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