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Appearing in "The Power Ring That Vanished!"

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Synopsis for "The Power Ring That Vanished!"

When rich socialite Hector Hammond begins showing off his apparent scientific expertise, Carol begins to find him facinating. Meanwhile, Hal Jordon, investigating missing scientists begins to suspect that Hector Hammond has kidnapped them and is exploiting their discoveries decides to search for the missing scientists. So as not to alert Hammond of his activities, Green Lantern uses his power ring to change Pieface into an exact duplicate of Green Lantern (with functional power ring) to make it appear that Green Lantern is patroling the city as usual, while the real Green Lantern is searching for the missing scientists.

While Pieface patrols around the city, the missing scientists (who have been evolved to humanities evolutionary level 100,000 years in the future by a meteor found by Hammond and been made their prisoners) try to pull "Green Lantern" (unaware that it's really Pieface) to their base to help them escape. However in the process, Pieface's duplicate Green Lantern ring is pulled off his finger and it falls to the ground, where it's found by Hammond who intends to use it for his own gain. Checking in on the scientists he finds "Green Lantern" and deevolves Pieface into an ape.

When the real Green Lantern finally locates the scientists, he and Hector Hammond have a duel of power rings, however during the combat, Green Lantern is struck by a tree branch and knocked out. When Hammond tries to deliver the killing blow, his power ring runs out of power, allowing for Green Lantern to revive and knock out Hammond in a fist fight. Hal then restores all the scientists and Pieface back to normal and turn Hammond over to the police. While Carol reconsiders her infatuation with Hammond, Hammond himself is put to work in the prison library, where unknown to all he's found a book of scientific discoveries past, present and future and is busy trying to decipher the code it's written in.


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