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Appearing in "Three-Way Attack Against Green Lantern!"

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Synopsis for "Three-Way Attack Against Green Lantern!"

Formulating a new plan against Green Lantern, Hector Hammond decides to spy on the hero, and witness him meeting with the Guardians of the Universe. Inspired, Hammond uses his vast mental powers to create a mental duplicate of one of the Guardians of the Universe. To lure Green Lantern into his trap, he has the duplicate Guardian become an attraction at the Coast City Carnival. Seeing the advertisements, Hal goes to the Guardian's booth and where the Guardian challenges Green Lantern to a duel.

Transported to another world, the Guardian sicks the planets plant life on Green Lantern, freeing himself he next has to battle the freezing cold of the arctic region and finally a giant lizard. In a one on one fight with the evil Guardian, the Guardian makes Hal's harm grow in length so that it stretches out in space and then fires a sphere that will kill Green Lantern. However, Hal manages to pull himself up into space, but apparently perishes when he is struck by the sphere.

On Earth, Hammond is suddenly attacked by the Guardian and Hammond is forced to destroy him. Green Lantern however has survived, having transported himself temperarily to Earth-Two in order to get away from the exploding device. He then sent his power ring off to make it look as though Hammond was being attacked by the Guardian he created forcing him to destroy it. Traveling to Oa, Green Lantern is informed that there was no rogue Guardian, and that it was Hammonds construct. Returning to Earth, Hal takes Carol out to the carnival and takes note that the evil Guardian's tent has a closed sign in front of it.


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