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Green Lantern Vol 2 119: Misc


DC Comics

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

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Appearing in "The Gravity Connection!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Guy Gardner (In a photograph only)
  • Andy Vorpal (In a photograph only)
  • Cora Vorpal
  • Unnamed Karsh'klesh


  • Star City
  • Star City Francisco Grocer
  • Phil's Pharmacy
  • Green Arrow's Home
  • Unnamed construction site
  • Kari Limbo's place



Synopsis for "The Gravity Connection!"

Hal and Kari Limbo enter her place where Hal's power ring reacts with one of her artifacts. It breaks apart, revealing a hovering, glowing metallic object. Kari touches it and has a psychic vision of many ships in danger around Saturn. Hal leaves to investigate. He finds the ships, operated by the Karsh'klesh who tell him they are trapped by Saturn's gravity. He learns the lead ship is missing a vital piece of the engine which would allow them to escape the gravity. The item was apparently taken centuries ago by a member of their race that left to visit some unknown inhabited planet and never returned.

Meanwhile, Ollie and Dinah go to the only place in Star City that sells "Raging Red Bull Chili Spice" but learn Cora Vorpal just bought the last six bottles. They learn she was going to a pharmacy next. Suspicious, Ollie changes to Green Arrow. At the pharmacy he stops a drug theft. He also learns that Cora Vorpal bought a pound of rat poison. The pharmacist, grateful to Green Arrow, provides Cora's address. They return home where they are entertaining Kari Limbo for dinner. Kari shows them the piece of metal while Ollie realizes why he was suspicious. They all go to the construction site where Cora Vorpal's husband, Andy, just finished eating the lunch Cora prepared for him. Dizzy, he loses his step on the eleventh floor but is grabbed by Green Arrow. He realized that the spices and poison made a drug and that Andy was intended to fall to his death. Just then Green Lantern appears and grabs the floating piece of metal from them. He deduces that the item is the missing piece of the ship. He returns it to the ship which is now able to pull free from Saturn's gravity.


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