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For advice on effectively killing Green Dragons, or for help on what to bring/wear, visit the Green Dragon/Strategies guide to help you.

Green dragons are the weakest of the four adult chromatic dragons and the weakest adult dragon which can breathe fire in RuneScape, with a combat level of 79. Found in various locations in the Wilderness as well as the Chaos Tunnels, they can breathe fire which can deal extremely high damage (50+) to players not wielding an anti-dragon shield or under the effects of an anti-fire potion. They are also the only of the four chromatic dragons not to have a baby form that is attackable. Baby green dragons are only available as Summoning pets.

Green dragons are a very popular and profitable monster to kill, especially after the 10 December updates in 2007, where the implementation of revenants and inability to PK within the Wilderness caused prices to steeply rise. The Dragon bones and Green dragonhides are commonly utilised by players to train Prayer and Crafting, furthermore increasing demand of these two items.

Non members do not have access to seeing or fighting dragons, except in the final battle with Elvarg, featured in the Dragon Slayer quest.

Safe Spotting a Green Dragon near Clan wars.
A player without an anti-dragon or dragonfire shield receiving damage from a Green Dragon.



NOTE: The location west of Dark Warriors' Fortress no longer has safespots, though all the others do.



100% Drop





Charm drop percentages
No Charm


7 - 9%

17 - 19%

7 - 8%

1 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 4,210 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)




Top Drops

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