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The following lists several strategies and methods for fighting the Green Dragon. For the monster, see Green Dragon.


Fighting Methods


General method

The following guide outlined is for players fighting the dragons using the location East of Clan Wars:

  • Stock up on plenty of Games necklaces, food, and potions (optional).
  • Make sure to bring/wear a Games necklace before going to fight the dragons.
  • After killing the dragons using any of the methods mentioned below in the article, use your Games necklace to teleport back to Wilderness Volcano. From there on, bank everything and restock on some food and remember to keep your Games necklace.
  • Then, teleport back to Clan Wars using the necklace, travel East-ward, kill dragons, and repeat entire process again.

General Tip

If players run out of food and/or encounter a revenant, they may choose to travel West towards Clan Wars (this works better in Clan Wars worlds), go inside the White Portal and fight someone or ask another player to kill him/her. Once the player respawns, they may travel back to the Green dragons again and resume killing with full hitpoints and restored stats. Also, it is recommended to have at least 43 prayer for regular protection prayers in case of a revenant or if player forgets their anti-dragon shield.


Most people fight the dragons with melee. Some players in RuneScape, most notably those under level 70, have been using a new way of fighting the dragons by using a poisoned dagger along with a super defence potion and super anti-fire potion to slowly whittle down the dragon's health. Using monkfish (or other types of food) as sustainable resources due to its relatively cheap cost and its high healing rate, players can survive longer and kill more dragons. This method may prove to be effective, but is quite expensive (10,000 coins + for all items) per trip.

If players have higher Combat levels (100+), they should try and use the best Beast of Burden if they can. A Saradomin godsword used in effect with a decent Prayer level will enable you to get faster kills and still be able to sustain your health for a long time; however, be cautious that if you die while using this method there is a possibility of losing your Godsword!


Pures and tanks alike are now commonly found using ranged to fight dragons because of the low necessity for food when using safe-spots, light weight enabling them to run across longer distances, and more magical protection from revenants. A popular and effective strategy is to use dragonhide of any kind (the higher the better), a rune crossbow (or the best crossbow you can equip), Mithril bolts or better (Broad-tipped bolts are recommended due to the affordable pricing), and Ava's accumulator. This method is relatively risk-free in terms of value, since if you die (which is probably unlikely due to your increased Magic defence), you won't lose much anyways, as the Ava's accumulator is the only thing worth keeping due to the its inaccessibility.

It is recommended that players do NOT carry any two-handed weapons (such as short/longbows) with them when fighting green dragons as an anti-dragon fire shield is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you are using any two handed weapon (though it is not recommended), players MUST use an Antifire potion. Be aware, however, that this is not a safe alternative to an anti-dragon shield, as it can be depleted and runs out after several minutes of use. For this reason, rangers are encouraged to use crossbows.


Magic is rarely used as a method of killing Green dragons because of the high cost-per-spell ratio and low damage as dragonhide is extremely resistant to spells, unless the player has a high magic level, such as 80 or higher, since this allows for more accuracy when using the different spells (Fire Wave is usually the best spell in this situation).


People seeking a profit by killing these creatures can make approximately 50,000 coins - 100,000 coins per inventory (or 250,000 - 300,000 coins per hour if you're higher-leveled) if you only collect the bones and hide. To make greater profit, however, the only other items recommended worth taking are:


Crowded area of Green Dragons

WARNING: When killing green dragons, always use protection from dragon-fire, (e.g. anti-dragon shield, or anti-fire pot). Not doing so is extremely foolhardy! If you have started or finished the Dragon Slayer quest, the Duke of Lumbridge will give you a free anti-dragon shield.

The area east of Clan Wars is also the most popular place to kill Green dragons although revenants are known to appear frequently.

  • Revenant imp: Comes from the south, usually in groups of 3, and go north to Wilderness 24 before doing a U-Turn and going back that way. Usually harmless as they are only level 7.
  • Revenant goblin: Comes from the south, and goes the same route as Revenant imps. Can occasionally get stuck on the rocks south of the Green Dragons making them mostly harmless.
  • Revenant pyrefiend: Same route as Revenant imps. A nuisance to players around level 70.
  • Revenant hobgoblin: Comes from the north. Not very common but a nuisance until around level 80.
  • Revenant vampire: Comes from the south. A major nuisance to players below level 90. May get stuck on the rocks south of the Green Dragons but still worth paying attention to.
  • Revenant werewolf: Very common and a huge irritation to players level 50-90. Comes from around the north-east, goes south a few levels and does a U-Turn going north past Wilderness Level 24.
  • Revenant ork: Can either come from the south and may possibly get stuck on the rocks south of the Green Dragons, or come from the north-east and keep travelling south if there are no targets. Most common revenant and a massive pest until around level 130.
  • Revenant knight: Comes from around the north-east.Not very common but a huge annoyance to players over level 100.
  • Revenant dragon: Very rare to see here, only a couple have ever been sighted. However, they will attack anyone above level 110 in the deepest part of the dragon area, so beware just in case!

Melee Method


Skill Recommended Minimum
Strength 60+ 50+
Attack 60+ 40 (Rune weapons)
Defence 60+ 40 (Rune armour)



  • 5+ Monkfish or other high-healing single bite food (This depends on your level, an average lvl 75 can expect to use around 8-12 pieces of Monkfish.
  • Games Necklace (if not worn)
  • Emergency one-click teleport e.g. Teletab or Ectophial(Optional). Also, make sure you are below level 20 Wilderness so the teleports work
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you have plenty of empty inventory slots for drops.


  • The amount of food you use depends almost entirely on your combat level, the amount the dragons hit on you and luck. Play around with the amount of food you bring until you have a good balance; enough to get a full inventory of dragonhide and dragon bones without risking your life.

Ranged Method


Skill Recommended
Ranged 60+
Slayer 55 (For Broad-tipped bolts)



  • Void Knight Equipment should all be worn together to take on the set effect.
  • Using bow are very dangerous as dragons may use the fire-breath attack which hit can up to 50 without an Anti-dragon shield or drinking an antifire potion.




  • The player using ranged may not use food at all as he/she may range the dragon from behind a skeleton or a corpse found there, but bringing food is highly recommended as Revenants may attack and dragons may accidentally hit the player.

General Tips

  • Players using the Melee method could drink a dose of a stats raising potion (Strength potion, Super strength, Attack potion, Super attack, Combat potion) if they want a higher kill rate or their melee skills are low.
  • Players using Ranged Method are advised to drink a Ranging Potion if they want a higher kill rate or their ranged level is low.
  • Players should be alert to revenant attacks and it's advised to raise the sound effects volume to hear incoming attacks/projectiles.
  • If revenants do attack, it is advised to turn on Protect From Magic prayer (If using melee armour), or Protect From Ranged (If using ranged armour), and to run away or log out and hop worlds. If a world is moderately empty and it is hard to find a world like it, players are advised to log out, wait a couple of minutes and log back in.
  • Players are advised to avoid hunting Green dragons during peak times, as worlds will not be as crowded and claiming a dragon would be much easier. However, for those who are cautious of revenants, crowded areas may be preferable. Revenants have a lower chance of attacking or killing you with other people around.
  • A player are recommended to use the highest Beast of Burden familiar possible to increase the money-making.
  • Players may use the foreign language servers for a less dense population at the hunting locations, however, it may be difficult knowing which items to pick up and etc.
  • Bringing teleport runes for a quick route out of the Wilderness is recommended for banking and escaping unwanted battles with revenants. However, revenants may counter this by using teleblock, a spell that renders the player unable to teleport for 5 minutes.
  • Forinthry bracelets can negate Revenant teleblocks up to five (5) uses.
  • It has been observed that players are found frequently using Throwing knives of any kind, just to "steal" the monster due to the throwing knives' animation having less of an imposed delay, allowing opponents to select the dragon quicker.
  • Using a dwarf multi-cannon can be a very quick method of gathering a full inventory of dragon bones and green dragonhide. It is recommended that players make their own ammunition (cannonballs) for the cannon, as it is more cost-efficient but more time consuming as well. 
  • When faced with competition from other players in non-multicombat area, it is vital for the player to know/learn the respawn points of each dragon, in order to guarantee the kill.
  • Many players dislike the use of cannons as this makes getting a kill more difficult, so if using a cannon be prepared for abuse from players. Bear in mind that some players deliberately half kill (leave 1/3 of the green dragon's hp and then leave the dragon for the cannon to kill) as this is an effective way of annoying cannon users.

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