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Image:Quote1.png Dinah Laurel Lance... will you marry me? Image:Quote2.png
-- Oliver Queen

Appearing in "Jericho (Part III of III) - And the Walls Came Tumbling Down"

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Synopsis for "Jericho (Part III of III) - And the Walls Came Tumbling Down"

At City Hall, Frederick Tuckman has a discouraging conversation with head of security, John Smalls. He plans on doing something rash – something that may portray him as a back-stabber in the eyes of his colleague, Oliver Queen.

Political intrigue is the last thing on Ollie's mind however. Currently, he is embroiled in a deadly conflict with two of his most dangerous adversaries, Deathstroke and Constantine Drakon. Fortunately, the rest of Team Arrow are present and ready to help out any way they can. Black Canary begins to generate a canary cry, but Constantine has prepared for her however, and repels her power with the aid of a force field jacket. He then dives into Connor and Mia, sending them crashing through the window. He sheds his jacket and begins fighting each of them one on one. He deftly deflects their trick arrows, and sends them flying back towards them. Connor and Mia leap out of the way as one of the trick arrows explodes.

Inside, Deathstroke leaps down between Ollie and Dinah and holds each of them off with his swords. The tip of one blade is lodged between Dinah's teeth. Ollie knows there is little he can do.

At police headquarters, Frederick Tuckman addresses police commissioner Brian Nudocerdo. He wants to help Star City, but realizes that he can no longer remain in Ollie's camp. To improve Nudocerdo's reputation amongst the community, Tuckman volunteers to work on his behalf as head of City Council. Nudocerdo believes that he can control City Council and accepts Tuckman's offer.

Back at the fight, Ollie begs Deathstroke to spare Dinah's life. He even offers up his own life in exchange, but Deathstroke doesn't care. He plans on killing both of them, though he does agree to kill Ollie first.

Deathstroke never gets the opportunity to follow through on his promise however. Moments later, the Justice League of America smashes through the window sending Deathstroke and Drakon scattering. Deathstroke thumbs a concealed trigger in his boot, and a blinding flash of Kryptonite-enhanced light explodes in the room. While Team Arrow and the JLA get their bearings, Deathstroke and Constantine Drakon make their escape.

Later, after everything has quieted down, Ollie changes clothes and holds a press conference. He apologizes for failing Star City as Mayor and tells them that he always acted in the city's best interests. Rather than waiting to be ousted in a recall election, he steps down as Mayor. With no deputy mayor to take his place, the position automatically falls to the next in line – the head of City Council, Frederick Tuckman. This was all part of Ollie and Frederick's plan to keep the corrupt Brian Nudocerdo out of public office. Ollie's final act as mayor is to bring down the wall that separates the Glades from the rest of Star City.

Hours later, Ollie and Dinah share a private moment in a grove across the river. Ollie produces a ring from his pocket, gets down on one knee and asks Dinah to marry him.


  • This issue shipped on June 13th, 2007.
  • Final issue of the series.
  • The subplot involving Ollie's proposal of marriage to Dinah continues in Black Canary (Volume 3).
  • The Justice League of America's appearance in this issue chronologicaly takes place after the "Lightning Saga" running through alternating issues of Justice League of America (Volume 2) and Justice Society of America (Volume 3).


  • The tagline to this issue is, "Exposed".

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