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Average height

0.8 – 1.2 meters[1]

Skin color



Six-tentacled cephalopods, unique technology[1]

Famous members

The Gree were a species of tentacled gray cephalopods from the planet Gree. Each Gree had six tentacles and an oversized head, and stood between 0.8 and 1.2 meters tall. Gree evolved in a Type II atmosphere, and generally covered their lower faces with odd spongy devices (presumably breath masks) in Type I atmospheres.[1]



A Gree

Gree civilization was one of the oldest in the galaxy. During what they called "the most ancient and forgotten days", the Gree developed highly advanced technology which appeared to operate on principles quite different from what the rising Human and humanoid civilizations established as the galactic standard.[1]

In 100,000 BBY, the Gree came into conflict with their closest neighbours, the extragalactic and advanced civilization known as the Kwa. Later, by 25,200 BBY, the Gree were pushed back to their borders by the aggressive expansions and military actions of the Rakata Infinite Empire.

Gree society at its height had four castes: researchers who produced new devices, crafters who manufactured them, operators who operated devices, and administrators who ran the government. Each caste was further divided into several guilds, and each world in the Gree Enclave was ruled by a council of guildmasters. Gree marked their foreheads with hieroglyphic tattoos to denote caste and rank. As Gree engineering reached its zenith, the operators came to dominate the other castes. Eventually, the researchers and crafters disappeared entirely. Their society became apathetic, with the operators and administrators concerned only with maintaining their cultural purity and keeping what devices they could still understand in operation.[1]

By the time of the last days of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Empire, their glory days were long over, and their history and technological secrets mostly lost.[1] They became an obscure species, known only to specialists in alien cultures such as Clone trooper commander CC-1004. CC-1004 adopted the name "Gree" to demonstrate his knowledge of galactic species, knowing that anyone who commented on his chosen name would share his interest in sentientology.[2] Still, the Gree of that era were able to operate and build some unique items. Count Dooku's personal Geonosian solar sailer was fitted with an ancient, mysterious sail of Gree manufacture.[3] On the other hand, Gree were almost entirely unfamiliar with standard galactic technology. They were particularly contemptuous of droids, which were not a part of Gree technology.[1]



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