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The Great Salt Lake at present
"A lake on the Esthar continent. What used to be a beautiful lake is now a barren field. It's speculated that Esthar's experiments led to the lake's destruction."
FFVIII Info Corner

The Great Salt Lake (大塩湖, Daienko) is a location Final Fantasy VIII. It is the location where Squall and the party manage to enter the hidden city of Esthar.

Its name was confused with "the Salt Flats", which is the title for this location's music.



The former Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake used to be what its namesake stands for, but testing done by the nearby country of Esthar destroyed all life, leaving behind huge fossils and an Undead Boss, Abadon. Squall, carrying the unconscious Rinoa on his back, came through here accompanied by Zell, Selphie, Edea, Quistis, and Irvine on their trip to Esthar to find out why Rinoa had fallen unconscious and not woken up.

After defeating the undead boss, Squall and the party arrives at a dead end; a cliff overlooking an endless landscape of ice and snow. However, when they tried to find anyway down, the party noticed a strange flicker at one end of the cliff. Touching the flicker, a ladder suddenly appeared in thin air, leading to a dark chamber. Without hesitation, they climbed up the ladder into a chamber filled with hexagon panels. Eventually, they learn that it is part of Esthar's Optical Camouflage System (OCS) used to hide the entire city from outside view. From the OCS, they were welcomed by Esthar officials who brought them to the Presidential Palace to meet with Esthar's Leader.



Seaside Station

Seaside Station
"A station on the Esthar side of Horizon Bridge. It is currently abandoned."
—FFVIII Info Corner

An abandoned station at the end of the Horizon Bridge. Just a few miles from it lies the Great Salt Lake.

Musical Theme

"The Salt Flats"
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"The Salt Flats" is the theme music of this area.


  • NB: This list applies to the monsters found within and around the Great Salt Lake area.


Before Lunar Cry

After Lunar Cry

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