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The Great ReSynchronization year-notation system was established in 35 BBY by the Republic Measures & Standards Bureau to recalibrate the disparate dating systems used by the Galactic Republic. It was since used as a zero year for the dating system; thus, the Battle of Geonosis takes place in the year 13, the Great Jedi Purge in the year 16, Battle of Yavin in the year 35, and the Battle of Endor in the year 39. The Seventh Battle of Ruusan occurred in the year 965BrS.

Dates using the ReSynchronization are written in the following format:

ex. 13:5:21

Dates after ReSynchronization do not include trailing characters. Dates occurring before the ReSynchronization are followed by "BrS", for Before ReSynchonization:

ex. 4,965BrS

The dating system introduced with the Great ReSynchronization was still used during the Imperial period, although some Imperials preferred to use the establishment of the Galactic Empire (19 BBY) as the starting point. The Great ReSynchronization system eventually became obsolete under the New Republic and was replaced in 25 ABY with the current Galactic Standard Calendar, centered around the Battle of Yavin (0 ABY).


Behind the scenes

The dating scheme for the GRS originated in A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, which had it being the date for the end of the Clone Wars.



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