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The Great Glacier

The Great Glacier is a large frozen waste north of Icicle Inn in Final Fantasy VII. It is a maze of wilderness trails going around several landmarks, such as trees, icy water, and caves. Crossing the Glacier is required in order to reach Gaea's Cliff and later the Whirlwind Maze of the Northern Crater. Cloud Strife and his party pass through here in the last leg of their world-wide journey chasing after Sephiroth. Depending upon which way was taken on in the Snowboarding mini-game, the party will land in different locations in the Glacier. They collapse after wandering through the snow and are saved by Mr. Holzoff. You can also find the Alexander Materia here by defeating a boss.



The Glacier Map is a Key Item that can be found at the house right next to Icicle Inn. The map helps the party navigate somewhat, but as it does not actually show their location they can only guess at it. If Cloud walks around too long, he collapses and is transported to the cabin. Thus, to get through Great Glacier one merely needs to walk around, although it does contain many treasures that can be found if the player knows where to look. The items available according to letters on the map are A: An Elixer (which is found in a cave, and can be exploited for infinite elixirs), B: Mind Source, C: Potion, D: Safety Bit (in a cave, also), E: Added Cut Materia (to find head down from Snow's cave, and then immediately back up, a different path will be discovered. It will be found in the second section of the path between numbered areas.), F: All Materia (in a cave in the middle of the snowfield south of Mr. Holzoff's place), and lastly the Alexander Materia which can be found in Snow's cave, after defeating her. The hot spring must be touched prior to this encounter.

A solution to figuring out this complex maze of confusion can be found here:

Map of Great Glacier with screenshots for easy referencing.

Items Found

Enemy formations


Plain snow and ice areas

Narrows, diagonals and forest areas

Southern ice cave

Central areas and caves

Northwestern areas and caves

Easternmost cave


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