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The Great Forest of Moore.
The Great Forest of Moore on the world map.
The Great Forest of Moore, replaced by the Desert of Shifting Sands in the Merged world

The Great Forest of Moore is an ancient sentient forest of great natural power in Final Fantasy V. Bounded by mountains and ringed by lakes and rivers, it is normally accessible only by a bridge. However, the forest seals itself from all except those it chooses to permit access. The closest significant inhabited settlement is the town of Moore to the west of the forest.



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One particular tree in the Great Forest of Moore was used to seal the many evils and demons of the world. However, the imprisoning tree became corrupted by these sealed evils, becoming the evil sorcerer Exdeath.

When the power of The Four Crystals of Bartz's world died, Exdeath was released from his sealed prison in this world, and returned to Galuf's world to reestablish his power there. Exdeath sought access to the Great Forest of Moore, but the forest had sealed itself. Using Bartz and his friends to gain access to the forest, Exdeath entered and set the forest alight.

Inside the forest's great tree, Bartz and his friends encounter the The Four Crystals particular to Galuf's world, which attack them under Exdeath's control. Galuf saves the others from Exdeath and the Crystals under his control, but at the cost: one of the Crystals shatters, and Galuf expends the last of his life energy fighting Exdeath.

Exdeath takes the remaining three Crystals to his Castle. During the battle with Exdeath there, Exdeath succeeds in his plan to shatter the three remaining Crystals, which triggers the two worlds to merge. In the process, the Great Forest of Moore merges with the Desert of Moore in the other world, and all the trees die save for a small grove around the great tree.

At the end of the story, there is still only the great tree and its grove, but it is hoped that, with the restoration of the powers of The Four Crystals, the Great Forest of Moore will once again restore itself in time.


Name Location
2500 Gil First Area
Ether First Area
4900 Gil Second Area
9500 Gil Second Area
Phoenix Down Second Area
Cottage Third Area
Goliath Tonic Third Area
Elixir Third Area
Morning Star Third Area, before fire
Aegis Shield Third Area, before fire
Flame Shield Third Area (Burned Forest)
Flametongue Third Area (Burned Forest)
Ash Third Area (Burned Forest)



Inside (Alien World)

Inside (Merged World)


As I Feel, You Feel
Image:FFV - As I Feel You Feel.ogg
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The background music for the Forest of Moore is called "Legend of the Deep Forest", but was later renamed "As I Feel, You Feel".


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