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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Eye of the North.

The Great Destroyer

Species: Destroyer
Profession: Elementalist Image:Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 31 (31)



The Great Destroyer is a many-legged destroyer that functions as the brain of the destroyer hordes, and is the primary antagonist in Guild Wars Eye of the North. Most of the Great Destroyer's lore comes from the Tome of Rubicon, which is forbidden among the Deldrimor Dwarves. An ancient Dwarven prophecy states that when the Great Destroyer arises out of the depths, the Great Dwarf will appear to aid in the fight against it and it will mark the end of the Dwarves. Nevertheless, the Great Destroyer is worshipped by at least some members of the Stone Summit, such as Hierophant Morlog. In the GW2 interview it has been told that the Great Destroyer was a powerful general of the Ancient Dragon Primordus, who will be one of the main antagonists in Guild Wars 2.


Skills used


  • Interrupting the Destroyer causes it to use Enraged Blast, causing devastating AoE damage. Choose what to interrupt carefully. Call of Destruction is the most devastating skill and may be the only one worth interrupting. If you use the Asura skill Pain Inverter on it and then interrupt him, the resulting Enraged Blast will take off about 30% of his health.
  • The Great Destroyer can be knocked down. Knocking it down while he is casting counts as interrupt and is followed by Enraged Blast. It can be knocked down otherwise without triggering Enraged Blast.
  • While submerged, the Great Destroyer takes no damage, but continues to be vulnerable to life stealing and health degeneration.
  • Tips for defeating the Great Destroyer:
    • Consider interrupting Lava Wave as this causes considerable regeneration to the foe.
    • Consider bringing a spirit-spammer with Recuperation and Recovery and/or a monk with Light of Deliverance.
    • The Great Destroyer can be defeated relatively quickly and easily with the use of life stealing skills.
    • Using Glyph of Renewal you can keep Pain Inverter on him near perminantly. Provided your healing is up to it, he can be defeated in a matter of a few seconds by interupting him two or three times. Combine with "By Ural's Hammer!" for great success.
  • The Great Destroyer can be seen near the end of the Guild Wars Eye of the North trailer.
  • Though using no profession-based skills, the Great Destroyer is actually an elementalist, as seen from the fact that it occasionally drops Elementalist Tomes in hard mode.

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