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The sketch that appears instead of the minimap.

The Great Crystal (Japanese: Crystal Grande クリスタル・グランデ Kurisutaru Gurande), is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is a large crystal that is located in the deepest reaches of the Ancient City of Giruvegan. It is an area of great frustration for many players, as rather than getting a true map of the area, they get a sketch of the outside of the crystal, and an indication showing an approximation of where they are from the outside (near the bottom, as opposed to near the top, and so on).



Not actually located on the World Map, the Great Crystal is found in Ancient City of Giruvegan. The player has to walk down to the deepest reaches of the Gate of Fire and find a waystone, which grants access to the area. The Great Crystal links the Gate of Fire at Giruvegan with the floating Gate of Wind and is the only way the Occuria and Shemhazai can be accessed.

Crystal Core

The core of the crystal is a great orb of magicite, constantly spewing Mist. Though the party speculates that it might be nethicite, its exact nature is unclear.


While its purpose is never revealed, it may be assumed the Great Crystal is the Occuria's deposit of magicite and nethicite, or perhaps the source of magicite and Mist. Whatever the case, it acts as a deadly gateway to the Occurian dwelling, filled with powerful monsters and a twisting maze. Also sealed within is a fearsome prisoner, the Esper, Ultima.


The map of the Great Crystal hides the location of the player to add to the mystery of the area, and its names do not make sense... at first. The names of the area of the Great Crystal may sound like it came from out of a Sanskrit dictionary, but it is actually contractions and bastardization of English words and some scientific terms, which help to indicate location:

Name Meaning Purpose Name Meaning Purpose
A Up A, Dha, Si, Ra and Vikaari are used to indicate where a teleporter will take you. "A Vikaari" means move up a layer and "Dha Vikaari" means to move down a layer. Udii North Udii, Avaa, Praa and Pratii indicate North, South, East, and West directions in relation to the core.
Dha Down Udiipraa Northeast
Vikaari Shift Praa East
Si Shift Praa'vaa Southeast
Ra Shift Avaa South
Peak Peak Crystal Peak is obviously the top. Kanbhru, Oldobii, Sirhru, Dhebon, Kabonii, Bhrum, Trahk and Jula are all named after prehistoric periods, with the oldest coming highest inside the Great Crystal. Crystal Core is obviously the Central Core. Pratii'vaa Southwest
Kanbhru Cambrian Pratii West
Oldobii Ordovician Udiipratii Northwest
Sirhru Silurian Pis Pith Pis, Jillam and Phullam indicate the interior, central and exterior part of a plant and are used to show distance from the core inside the Great Crystal.
Dhebon Devonian Jilaam Xylem
Kabonii Carboniferous Phullam Phloem
Bhrum Permian Prama Ground Crystal Ground is where the Waystone links you with Giruvegan.
Trahk Triassic Sthaana Set Sthaana indicates a location with a Gate switch.
Core Core Note: The "Sthaana" Gate switches are named after the corresponding Zodiac gates.




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