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Gravlex Med

Outer Rim Territories


Raioballo sector; Anx Space

Primary terrain
  • Polluted wastelands
  • Formerly: Savannas, mountains, caves
Native species
Primary language(s)
Major cities

Ozlyn Gox


Gravlex Med was the low-gravity home planet of the species of aliens known as the Anx. Its system was located in Anx Space in Raioballo sector.

Anx on Gravlex Med.

The surface of the planet was covered in savannas and pitch-dark mountains. The Anx lived in caves under the mountains, emerging to browse on the chiliox trees of the savannas. Before its contact with the Old Republic, the Anx developed short-distance interstellar travel, launching their spacecraft with giant cannons. The escape velocity from their homeworld was low enough that the Anx could survive orbital launches in such projectiles.

The planet was briefly occupied by Shusugaunt conquerors in 10,000 BBY and joined the Galactic Republic in 5,000 BBY. The planet was represented by Horox Ryyder in the Galactic Senate. In 22 BBY, shortly before the Clone Wars, Ryyder retired and was replaced in the Senate by the former President of Gravlex Med, Zo Howler. The planet remained loyal to the Republic during the Clone Wars.

When the Galactic Empire rose to power and took control of Gravlex Launchworks the hazardous wastes were mismanaged, leading to the Anx being nearly wiped out and forcing the survivors to abandon their world.

The New Republic took over the orbital facilities there, planning to disassembly the Chimaera there. However, insurgents of the Imperial Remnant recaptured the vessel.

Behind the scenes

The Ultimate Alien Anthology refers to the world twice as "Gravlex Mex" and wrongly places it in the Mid Rim.




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