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Gravity Cannon
Production information


Technical specifications

Vehicle mounted

Damage Per Hit

Very high (depends on difficulty)

Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode


Ammunition Type


Rate of Fire









The Gravity Cannon is similar to the modified Assault Cannon wielded by the Hunters in Halo 2.

Seen only in the level Regret in Halo 2 and in the Issue 3 of Halo: Uprising comic, only High Prophets can use this weapon. It is mounted on the front of the Prophet's Gravity Throne. There are two mounted in the front. Only one can fire at a time, though on Legendary it can fire both at a time. The beam is larger on Legendary, which can allow you to get closer due to the fact that the size will limit where the Prophet can aim it at.

The glowing circles on either side of the Gravity Throne are the barrels of the Gravity Cannon.

The cannon is quite similar to the beam armaments used by Sentinels. The Covenant are known for their effective adaptation of Forerunner technology, so it is thought that the gravity cannon not only resembles the Sentinel beam but also based upon the beam's design. Its beam is a reddish-gold rather than the green of the Hunters' Fuel Rod Cannon and is more powerful than conventional Fuel Rod technology.

The Gravity Cannon is not seen in Halo 3. Its ammunition type is unknown but it is commonly believed to be a plasma-based weapon and thereby non-reloadable.

The Gravity Cannon is very similar in form and color to 343 Guilty Spark's energy beam, as shown in the levels Floodgate and Halo. The nature of Covenant weapons research suggests that the Cannon is hence a result of studies into Forerunner weaponry, but where they found the technology is unknown. They had no known contact with Sentinels or Monitors until the events of Halo, but they may have scavenged the technology elsewhere. It could also have come from studies into the Dreadnought, but that is unlikely since it had supposedly been de-weaponized.


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