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Location on World map
Ruins (east)
Wilderness Volcano Graveyard of Shadows Clan wars
Chaos Temple (Wilderness)
The Graveyard of Shadows.

Once known as Carrallangar, the Graveyard of Shadows is located in the Wilderness; levels 16 to 21. Not to be confused with the Forgotten Cemetery, the graveyard is home to a large collection of dead trees and zombies.


Item Respawns

The Graveyard of Shadows also contains several item respawn points. There are 5 plank and 4 tile respawns within the graveyard, as well as a crossbow, a steel dagger, iron dagger and an iron med helm spawn point. This graveyard is one of only three plank spawn points within the free-to-play world, and, therefore, can play an important role in the Dragon Slayer quest. It is also one of only two known spawn point of tiles, which currently have no in-game use.


As mentioned above, the Graveyard of Shadows contains numerous zombies. As such, it is possible for players to train their magic skill through the use of the Crumble Undead spell. This method is not recommended, however, due to the danger posed by wandering Revenant ghosts and other monsters. It is also possible to train melee. High leveled players can virtually stand still and have zombies attack and get continuous experience from them since they are aggressive -- until the zombies become tolerant.

Nearby Locations

To the north of the Graveyard of Shadows lie the ruins of one of the last remaining cities within the wilderness. Players should be wary, however, as they are over-run with Deadly Red Spiders. The Wilderness Volcano lies to the west of the graveyard, whilst the Clan Wars mini-game is located to the east.



Main article: List of music

The following music can be unlocked in the Graveyard of Shadows.

  • Dead Can Dance


  • A mini Zaros symbol can be found somewhere on the ground.
  • The song in this location "Dead Can Dance" could be a reference either to the former Australian band "Dead Can Dance", or the Iron Maiden song "Dance of the Dead".
  • A Grim Reaper statue appeared at the south-western end of the graveyard approximately a month before the 2008 Hallowe'en event was released.
  • A second Grim Reaper statue appeared at the eastern end of the graveyard in 2009. Neither statue can be examined.
  • Before, the Graveyard used to be near where Clan Wars was until the recent addition of Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars, it was pushed west of the little slime lake and a bit more east for room for the volcano.

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