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Kansas City

map marker: Kansas City
leaders: Defcon
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Before the Great War, Kansas City was a major nuclear launch site. After the city was hit by the bombs, the silo staff survived, but were turned into ghouls, who formed a town called Gravestone in the ruins of the city. The ghouls formed a cult worshipping the only nuclear bomb left intact in the silo, which they called "Plutonius". "The Bishop" (Defcon the Second, son of T-Minus) was in charge of both religious and civil affairs. Around 2198, Gammorin's super mutant army established a base in southern area of Kansas City, and tried to assault Gravestone in order to get the atomic bomb worshipped by the ghouls. The ghouls hide in their cathedral, where "Plutonius" was held. They were eventually aided by the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel squad, who, together with armed ghouls and acolytes of the cathedral, killed most of the attacking mutants. This squad was commanded by the warrior, who managed not only to protect the place, but also launched a retaliation attack on the Super Mutant base in Kansas city, killing their three commanders (one of them is believed to be named Juggoknot) in the process and securing the area. In exchange for their aid the BoS demanded the ghouls to give them "Plutonius", which was later used to defeat the Calculator.

Mission walkthrough

Kansas City
chapter: 3 (Bunker Gamma)
location: Kansas City
given by: General Dekker
main objectives: Protect the warhead in the cathedral
Protect the bishop, Defcon
Destroy three Super Mutant commanders
optional objectives: Protect the ghouls in the cathedral
previous: Jefferson
next: Osceolla

This location and its associated mission is a highlight of the Fallout Tactics game. Some seconds after you arrive the ghoul town will be ambushed from three directions; north, west, and south. You can talk with the Bishop three times to get some antiradiation stuff, but as radiation is only an issue toward the end of the mission, this can wait till you've cleared out the mutants.

You have three objectives for this mission. First, defend the town against the waves of supermutant attacks with less than five ghoul causalities. Second, assassinate the three supermutant commanders. Third, kill all the remaining supermutants in the area.

To defend the cathedral you most likely want at least five team members. A sniper/machine gunner (probably your worst squad member) should go north, possibly with some granades to throw. Two small-gunners, one with perfect small guns skill and one with a good bursting weapon, should go to the west. The rest should go to the south gate, preferrably a sniper and two big-gun members. Focus the sniper on the heavily armoured mutants, who are carrying more than just a pipe. The mutants appear from nowhere and at the south and west gates, they come in waves.

North gate This gate bears the least of the brunt of the mutant assault. It is already defended with landmines and five ghouls. The ghouls however, only take occasional pot-shots at the mutants. However, since only about six mutants attack this gate, it can be defended with a single member of the party. Send someone like Farsight with a sniper rifle and a shotgun. Note that it is possible to leave this gate unmanned by a team member, or at least remove them after the first few mutants.

West gate This gate is more heavily attacked, but mainly by mutants with melee weapons. There are a couple of mutant snipers on the towers, however. The attacks come in waves, about three total, separated by a little time, so don't think that the attack on this gate is over after the first couple of waves. Place two team members here, such as a sniper and a gunner, or two machine gunners. It is possible to trap the area in front of this barricade with landmines, but your time is probably better spent placing your other team members.

South gate This gate takes the brunt of the attack. You'll want the rest of your team here. They should be heavily armed snipers and big-guns types. You can put a couple of team members on the towers/walls by this gate if you run them fast enough, though it's debatable whether this is worth the effort. You'll definitely need to push the mutants back on the ground, anyway. Destroying the mutant barricades awards a "clearing" bonus, even if there are mutants still around. There are three mutants at the extreme south end, which may or may not join in the melee. If not, you can take them out later with your full squad. Some of the mutants at this gate will have rocket launchers and miniguns. A good tactic is to use snipers to cripple an arm of such mutants so that they cannot use their big guns against you.

During the invasion, you must not allow more than five ghouls to die. This is especially difficult as some of the ghouls are positioned at the front fo the action. This is primarily the reason why you'll need to advance on mutant barricades at the south gate. Reports vary on whether fewer ghoul deaths alter the outcome. After this mission, you should be able to recruit ghouls from Brotherhood barracks. Of note, however, is that the ghouls guarding the gates are all armed with sniper rifles, so be sure to loot the bodies of any dead ghouls and/or steal some from the survivors.

The later part of this mission requires sneaking - did I mentioned it is strongly advised coming here at nighttime? - with the Caws in the hand, peeking on the enemy what amunition shall we load in (depends on armour), than sneaking tent to tent in the mutant camp. But beware: do not touch the bull horns: this time you do not break them instead activate.

Appearances in games

Kansas City appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Fallout Tactics missions

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

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Gravestones are generated when a player dies via any means except in Bounty Worlds or PvP Worlds, through a safe minigame or at the corporeal beast, and drops at least one item at death. All of the player's items (other than their bones) are kept safe under the gravestone until the gravestone is destroyed. This can occur either due to timeout or demolition by the player.

Note: Gravestone will remain if player logs out or loses connection, but the timer will continue to run down.

Gravestones can last from three minutes to six minutes, depending on the type purchased. A gravestone can be walked through by a player, and right-clicking yields four options: Read, Repair, Bless and Demolish.

A player leaving behind a gravestone after death.
A player repairing/blessing a gravestone.
A gravestone nearing its end

Without repairs or blessing, gravestones will collapse on their own after a certain period of time, depending on the type of gravestone purchased. At 1 minute and 30 seconds a basic gravestone becomes broken, and at 30 seconds until collapsing it becomes a collapsing gravestone. The gravestone will remain upstanding if the player logs out, but the timer until demolish will not be paused. The text that appears on the gravestone will also change. The comparison between the Memorial Plaque and the Angel of Death gravestones are shown below:


  • Read: Reveals the name of the player who died and, in some cases, how long ago.
    • Read your own gravestone: "It looks like it'll survive another X minutes, Isn't there something a bit odd about reading your own gravestone?"
  • Repair: Allows a player with a prayer level of 2+ to extend the longevity of the gravestone by up to five minutes, by giving up one prayer point per minute. Can only be used on broken or collapsing gravestones, as long as you have more prayer points than necessary to extend the life of the gravestone.
  • Bless: Allows a player with a prayer level of 70+ to extend the longevity of the gravestone by as many points of prayer as they have,
    The best possible gravestone in RuneScape, shown here.
    minus ten, or up to one hour after the gravestone had been set up.
    • Bless your own gravestone: "The gods don't seem to approve of people attempting to bless their own gravestones."
    • Demolish one's own gravestone: "It looks like it'll survive another X minutes. You demolish it anyway."
  • Examine: An awesome statue placed in memory of the person who died here.

Types of gravestones

Available to all players

These gravestones can be purchased by donating to Father Aereck in the Lumbridge church (all proceeds go to the Varrockian Guards' Widows & Orphans Fund). You must complete The Restless Ghost in order to purchase gravestones.

Image Gravestone name Cost Duration Text
Memorial Plaque Default (Free to switch to) 3 Minutes In memory of (player name),
who died here.
File:Stone flag.gif Flag 50 Coins 3 Minutes In memory of (player name),
who died here.
File:Stone basic.png Small Gravestone 500 Coins 3 Minutes In loving memory of our dear friend (player name), who died in this place _ minutes ago.
File:Stone ornate.gif Ornate Gravestone 5,000 Coins

4 Minutes

In loving memory of our dear friend (player name), who died in this place _ minutes ago.

Available to Members

These gravestones can be purchased by talking to Blasidar the sculptor in Keldagrim. Requires completion of The Giant Dwarf.

Image Gravestone name Cost Duration Prerequisite Text
File:Stone urn.gif Font of Life 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None In your travels, pause awhile to remember (player name),
who passed away at this spot.
File:Stone grave stele.gif Stele 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None In your travels, pause awhile to remember (player name),
who passed away at this spot.
File:Stone saradomin.gif Symbol of Saradomin 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None (Player name),
an enlightened servant of Saradomin,
perished in this place.
File:Stone zamorak.gif Symbol of Zamorak 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None (Player name),
a most bloodthirsty follower of Zamorak,
perished in this place.
File:Stone guthix.gif Symbol of Guthix 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None (Player name),
who walked with the Balance of Guthix,
perished in this place.
File:Stone bandos.gif Symbol of Bandos 50,000 coins 5 Minutes Land of the Goblins Quest (Player name),
a vicious warrior dedicated to Bandos,
perished in this place.
File:Armadyl_Grave.PNG Symbol of Armadyl 50,000 coins 5 Minutes Temple of Ikov Quest (Player name),
a follower of the Law of Armadyl,
perished in this place.
File:Stone ancient.gif Ancient/Zaros Symbol 50,000 coins 5 Minutes Desert Treasure Quest {Player name},
servant of the Unknown Power,
perished in this place.
File:Stone angel.gif Angel of Death 500,000 coins 6 Minutes None Ye frail mortals who gaze upon this sight, forget not
the fate of (player name), once mighty, now
surrendered to the inescapable grasp of destiny.
Requiescat in pace.

*Note: Requiescat in pace is Latin for "May he/she rest in peace".


  • Unfortunately, some untradeable items are not protected by the gravestone - for example, magic secateurs and Achievement Diary items. See Items Not Kept on Death.
  • Essence pouches and ectophials crumble to dust.
  • Chinchompas and other animals will be released when you die.
  • All Barrows equipment will break if dropped upon death.
  • Other items that get destroyed when dropped will behave accordingly
  • Demolition of the Gravestone causes items underneath to appear for around 30 seconds before disappearance, and natural destruction removes the items immediately. Therefore, it may be a good idea to pick up items while the gravestone is still standing, and pick up the most valuable items if a gravestone is about to collapse.
  • Gravestones only appear if items are lost. If the player was only carrying 3 items when he died, it would not appear. However, if players lost a fourth item, even if it's as insignificant as a needle, a gravestone would appear.
  • If a player dies and loses items when a gravestone belonging to him is already standing, that gravestone and all items belonging to it are destroyed immediately and a new one is set up at the new site of death. (valid as of 7 October 2009)
  • The Memorial Plaque is the default gravestone. You can switch back to it for free by speaking to any of the two .
  • If a player wishes to change their gravestone, they must purchase a new one at the full price.
  • Contrary to popular belief, graves are not a one-use item, but rather a one-time purchase long term investment for all of your deaths - one purchase of a grave will allow all of your deaths to use this grave.
  • Players may kill themselves to purposefully create a gravestone as a temporary decoration in banks or other places.(In some banks its been noted that the persons name will not appear. This is thought to be to prevent people from wanting to die in a bank to spread their name. The grave will read" The inscription is too unclear to read.")
  • It is common practice to bless or repair someone else's gravestone.
  • Gravestone types purchased by members can still appear in the free world, even if their subscription runs out. The timeout is also identical.
  • As of 19 February 2008, Recipe for Disaster quest gloves can now be retrieved from your gravestone.
  • Graves of Jagex moderators cannot be repaired or blessed (As shown below-right).
  • Mod Mark's grave text and text appearing when you try repair or bless a Jagex Mod's grave.
  • If the owner of the grave is logged off it will read: The inscription is too unclear to read.
  • You can not take the items of the people who died even if their gravestone collapses.
  • You only receive a gravestone if you are risking an item, it could be any item.
  • Currently, the Gravestone timer will still run even if you get teleported by a random event.
  • The formula for calculating the cost of any given gravestone (excluding the memorial plaque) is as follows:


math Where math is the gravestone number (1 is a flag, 2 is a small gravestone, 3 is an ornate gravestone, 4 is any of the Keldagrim gravestones excluding the Angel of Death, and 5 is the Angel of Death). This formula shows that the lower priced gravestones value than the higher priced ones. However, the one minute could practically be necessary to save one's items that could very well have a greater value than the 500K that the Angel of Death costs - and of course can be used time and time again.

  • When selecting a new gravestone, it tells you about it.
    • Memorial Plaque - A simple plaque, bearing the name of the deceased.
    • Flag - A dignified little flag flutters in the wind.
    • Small Gravestone - A simple little gravestone.
    • Ornate Gravestone - An ornate carved gravestone.
    • Font of Life - An elaborate font. As water collects in the bowl, it symbolises new life and hope.
    • Stele - A monolithic memorial stone bearing a selection of emblems.
    • Symbol of Saradomin - The four-pointed star is universally recognised as the symbol of Saradomin.
    • Symbol of Zamorak - This serpentine sigil represents the ruthless Zamorak.
    • Symbol of Guthix - Favoured by humans of a mystical or druidic inclination.
    • Symbol of Bandos - Followers of Bandos are scarce, but this symbol is still used by those who remember that violent god.
    • Symbol of Armardyl - Armardyl's love of winged creatures is represented by this elegant symbol. Little else is remembered of him.
    • Ancient symbol - Adventurers often request this symbol, although its origin and meaning have been obscure in the centuries since the God Wars.
    • Angel of Death - The ultimate marker for a grave, this statue evokes intimations of mortality in all who are faced with it.

This article uses material from the "Gravestone" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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