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A grappling hook is a hook fired from a grappling gun and used to secure a line to an object, usually so that people can move from one place to another on the line.

In 2525, Zak Kebron made up a story about his actions during the Dominion War, which included himself and other USS Excalibur crewmembers boarding the USS Corinth with grappling guns and grappling hooks. (NF short story: "Stone Cold Truths")

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A Mithril grapple is used to grapple with Agility onto objects such as Strong trees and Rocks, or even scale walls. It's wielded in the arrows slot and used with a mithril crossbow (also a Dorgeshuun crossbow or any metal crossbow higher than mithril). The grapple can also be fired from Karil's crossbow.

Sometimes, the grapple may break (though this is rare), so it is a good idea to have more than one in your inventory (only one may be wielded at a time). When a grapple breaks, the following message appears in the player's chat interface: "After untying the rope, you find that your grapple is broken and useless".

There is a respawn in a crate over the agility shortcut in God Wars Dungeon. Drop your first one, then search the crate.


Producing a grapple

Required items

Image Item Level required to make/attach Exchange price
Mithril bolts Mithril bolts 53 Smithing and 54 Fletching 106 coins update
Mithril grapple tip Mith grapple tip 59 Smithing 563 coins update
Rope Rope 59 Fletching to attach 100update


Mithril bolts + Mithril grapple tip Mithril grapple (Unfinished)
Mithril grapple (Unfinished) + Rope Mithril grapple

Grapple locations

A player Grappling the wall in Yanille.

Please be aware that you will need a crossbow along with the grapple to perform these agility maneuvers. This used to require a mithril crossbow or better (dorgeshuun crossbow or Zanik's crossbow would also work,) but has been tested to work with a bronze and blurite crossbow. (6 December, 2009)

Location Required levels
Ranged Agility Strength

Scale Falador Wall

11 37 37
Scale Yanille Wall 21 39 38
Scale Catherby Cliff (from Catherby to Taverley, one-way) 35 32 35
Cross River Lum from Lumbridge Swamps to Al Kharid, or vice versa 37 8 19
Escape from Water Obelisk Island (from the Island to Catherby, one-way) 39 36 22
Cross from Musa Point to Harpie bug swarms (or vice versa) on Karamja 42 53 21
Bandos' throne room Agility course 60 60 60
Dorgesh-Kaan agility course 80 80 80
Armadyl's Eyrie inside God Wars Dungeon 70 - -

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A grappling hook wrapped around a metal pipe

A grappling hook was a device used by individuals in order to mount large objects, swing across chasms, or ensnare others.

Princess Kneesaa and her grappling hook

The Jedi of the Galactic Republic were commonly equipped with grappling spike launchers during missions. These liquid-cable launchers were developed by the quartermasters at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. They were also standard-issue for clonetroopers during the Clone Wars[1] and the stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker used a grappling hook found in his stolen stormtrooper armor to swing him and Princess Leia Organa across a chasm on the first Death Star[2]. Scout troopers were also equipped with fibercord grappling hooks.

The Princess of Bright Tree Village Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka was known as the best Ewok on fighting with a grappling hook.[3]

The bounty hunter Boba Fett was known to equip his Fibercord Whip with a small grappling hook for use in capturing bounties.[4]

The Feeorin pirate Nym was also known to use a grappling hook.



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File:Grappling Hook.gif
This Object is in the Tools (Objects) class.
Grappling Hook
Object Class: Tools (Objects)
Attributes: You can't move/take it.
Walking Time: Unknown.
Location: Rookgaard academy, Svargrond boat, Meriana
Notes: Exposed in Raymond Striker's House on Meriana. There are a few of them laying on the floor of the boat south of Captain Breezelda's boat in Svargrond, however you cannot take nor move them. They are also seen on third floor of the Rookgaard Academy.
See also: Objects.
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