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This article is about the location. For the quest, see The Grand Tree.
Location on World map
Barbarian Outpost
Gnome Ball Field Grand Tree Otto's Grotto
Gnome Stronghold agility course
RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

The Grand Tree, or Ta Quir Priw in gnomish language, is home to a gnome community and is built inside a tree in the north-east of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It contains Blurberry's Bar, Heckel Funch's Shop, Rometti's Fine Fashions, and Gulluck's weapon shop. It is also one of the spots for Penguin Hide and Seek.

The Grand Tree includes two of the three banks in Tree Gnome Stronghold, several shops, and a bar and restaurant. The Gnome Restaurant minigame is on second level, and players who have completed The Grand Tree quest can access the Grand Tree Mine. There is an Agility shortcut north-east of the Grand Tree, which can be very useful for players training Barbarian Fishing.

Players can travel to the Grand Tree via the gnome glider on the third floor, or they can use seed pods from the Gnome Restaurant minigame to transport instantly to the Grand Tree. Just south of the tree itself is a Spirit Tree, and a landing spot for the Balloon Transport System.


Ground floor

The ground floor of the Grand Tree

Players can find King Narnode Shareen on the ground floor. Players can speak to him to begin (and later end) the Monkey Madness quest. There is also a trapdoor that leads to the Grand Tree Tunnels (and mine), though players must have completed The Grand Tree in order to use it.

First floor

The first floor includes two banks and several shops.

Gianne's Restaurant - 5

Gianne's Restaurant
Server: Gnome waiter
Image Item Price
Vegetable batta Pre-made Vegetable batta 195 coins
Toad batta Pre-made Toad batta 195 coins
Worm batta Pre-made Worm batta 195 coins
Fruit batta Pre-made Fruit batta 195 coins
Cheese and tomato batta Pre-made Cheese and tomato batta 195 coins
Worm hole Pre-made Worm hole 270 coins
Tangled toad's legs Pre-made Tangled toad's legs 450 coins
Veg ball Pre-made Veg ball 270 coins
Chocolate bomb Pre-made Chocolate bomb 450 coins
Worm crunchies Pre-made Worm crunchies 80 coins
Toad crunchies Pre-made Toad crunchies 80 coins
Chocchip crunchies Pre-made Chocchip crunchies 70 coins
Spicy crunchies Pre-made Spicy crunchies 70 coins

Grand Tree Groceries - 4

Grand Tree Groceries
Proprietor: Hudo
Image Item Price  Note 
Gianne dough Gianne dough 2 coins
Equa leaves Equa leaves 2 coins
Pot of flour Pot of flour 14 coins
Gnome spice Gnome spice 2 coins
Onion Onion 12 coins
Potato Potato 16 coin
Cabbage Cabbage 1 coin
Tomato Tomato 14 coins
Cheese Cheese 8 coins
Spider on stick Spider on stick 50 coins  
Spider on shaft Spider on shaft 40 coins
Lime Lime 2 coins
Orange Orange 70 coins
Lemon Lemon 2 coins
Pineapple Pineapple 2 coin
Dwellberries Dwellberries 4 coins
Cocktail shaker Cocktail shaker 2 coins
Chocolate bar Chocolate bar 20 coins
Chocolate dust Chocolate dust 20 coins
Pot of cream Pot of cream 19 coins
Bucket of milk Bucket of milk 12 coins
Knife Knife 6 coins
Gianne's cook book Gianne's cook book 2 coins
Batta tin Batta tin 10 coins
Crunchy tray Crunchy tray 10 coins
Gnomebowl mould Gnomebowl mould 10 coins

Fine Fashions

Main article: Fine Fashions
Fine Fashions
Proprietor: Rometti
Clothing part Price Notes
Robe bottom 180 coins All four pieces come in five pastel colours:
Red, green, darker blue, yellow, and lighter blue.

Each one has unlimited stock.
Hat 160 coins
Robe top 180 coins
Boots 200 coins

Blurberry Bar

Blurberry Bar
Server: Barman
Image Item Price
Blurberry special Pre-made Blurberry special 30 coins
Choc saturday Pre-made Choc saturday 30 coins
Drunk dragon Pre-made Drunk dragon 30 coins
Fruit blast Pre-made Fruit blast 30 coins
Pineapple punch Pre-made Pineapple punch 30 coins
Short green guy Pre-made Short green guy 30 coins
Wizard blizzard Pre-made Wizard blizzard 30 coins

Funch's Fine Groceries - 2

Funch's Fine Groceries
Proprietor: Heckel Funch
Image Item Price
Brandy Brandy 5 coins
Gin Gin 5 coins
Vodka Vodka 5 coins
Whisky Whisky 5 coins
Pineapple Pineapple 2 coin
Equa leaves Equa leaves 2 coins
Orange Orange 70 coins
Lemon Lemon 2 coins
Lime Lime 2 coins
Dwellberries Dwellberries 4 coins
Cocktail shaker Cocktail shaker 2 coins
Chocolate bar Chocolate bar 20 coins
Chocolate dust Chocolate dust 20 coins
Pot of cream Pot of cream 19 coins
Bucket of milk Bucket of milk 12 coins
Knife Knife 6 coins
Cocktail glass Cocktail glass 1 coin

Second floor

The second floor includes Gulluck's weapon shop.
Gulluck and Sons
Proprietor: Gulluck
Image Item Price
File:Bronze arrows.PNG Bronze arrows 7 coins
File:Bronze bolt.png Bronze bolts 3 coins
File:Pearl bolts.PNG Pearl bolts 110 coins
File:Wood shortbow.png Shortbow 80 coins
File:Wood longbow.png Longbow 80 coins
File:Crossbow.png Crossbow 70 coins
File:Bronze arrowheads.PNG Bronze arrowtips 10 coin
File:Iron arrowheads.PNG Iron arrowtips 26 coins
File:Steel arrowheads.PNG Steel arrowtips 36 coins
File:Mithril arrowheads.PNG Mithril arrowtips 68 coins
File:Iron axe.PNG Iron hatchet 56 coins
File:Steel axe.PNG Steel hatchet 200 coins
File:Iron_battleaxe.PNG Iron battleaxe 182 coins
File:Steel_battleaxe.PNG Steel battleaxe 650 coins
File:Mithril_battleaxe.PNG Mithril battleaxe 1690 coins
File:Bronze two-handed sword.PNG Bronze 2h sword 80 coins
File:Iron two-handed sword.PNG Iron 2h sword 280 coins
File:Steel two-handed sword.PNG Steel 2h sword 1000 coins
File:Black two-handed sword.PNG Black 2h sword 1920 coins
File:Mithril two-handed sword.PNG Mithril 2h sword 2600 coins
File:Adamantite two-handed sword.PNG Adamant 2h sword 6400 coins

Third floor

The third floor includes two jail cells and a gnome glider.

The third floor contains only a small jail that Glough locks the player in during The Grand Tree quest, and a gnome glider.

Tunnels and mine

Most of the tunnels are little used except during The Grand Tree quest. See Grand Tree Tunnels for details.

The mine contains adamantite, mithril, gold, coal, silver, iron, and clay rocks. See Grand Tree Mine for details.



  • Many players refer to the Grand Tree as the "gnome mall" due to the large number of shops and restaurants within.
  • If players use a herring (raw or cooked) with the Grand Tree, they will get the following message: "It can't be done!", referencing the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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