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The Grand Helm (グランドヘルム Gurando Herumo) is a recurring helm in the series. It is usually one of the most powerful helms in the games it appears. It usually grants bonus to the wearer, which vary on each appearance.




Final Fantasy

Unlike the other appearances, the Great Helm is a mediocre helm. It provides +5 Defense, +5 Weight, and can be bought in Melmond.

Final Fantasy IV

The Grand Helm is Cid's best helm. It is resistant to Lightning and provides +14 Defense, +10 Magic Defense, -10 Evasion, +7 Magic Evasion, and +5 to Spirit and Agility. It is found in the Cave of Trials.

Final Fantasy V

The Grand Helm provides +18 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, +2 Stamina, and can be found at the new Sealed Temple.

Final Fantasy IX

The Grand Helm can be equipped by Steiner and Freya. It is the strongest helmet in the game, providing +33 Defense and +1 Speed. It teaches the ability High Tide.

Final Fantasy XII

The Grand Helm is the most powerful helm in the game. It increases Strength by 12.


The only way to acquire the Grand Helm is a drop from the rare enemy, Tower. The chance of getting it is 3%, 6%, 9%, or 12%, depending on the player's chain level.

The easiest way how to get the drop is to start in Mosphoran Highwaste and get the maximum chain level with Clay Golems, which are to the east of Babbling Vale. Do not pick up the loot, so you get to the maximum chain level sooner. After getting it, do not enter the Babbling Vale, or you will lose your chain, so just turn off Gambits for all your characters, so you would not accidentally attack any enemies, which could also destroy your chain.

After you achieved maximum chain level, talk to the nearby Chocobo and give him Gysahl Greens, so you can mount him. Now head south to the Nalbina Fortress and then to the Barheim Passage. Board the Strahl and fly to the Ridorana Cataract. Remember that you cannot touch any Save Crystals and still cannot attack any enemies, or you would lose your chain. Enter Pharos at Ridorana and make your way to the 3rd Ascent - Spire Ravel - 1st Flight.

Once getting there, you have to find and touch waystones in this order: Black, Green, Red, and as a last color, the color of the Sacrifice you have made when you walked through Pharos for the first time. If you have chosen to sacrifice Attack Command (Steel), use the White waystone, if you have chosen to sacrifice Magick Command (Magick), use the Purple waystone, if you have chosen to sacrifice Item Command (Wealth), use Yellow waystone, or if you have chosen to sacrifice Minimap (Knowledge), use Pink waystone. After you arrive in the next zone, go to the north and find next waystone, without any color. This waystone teleports you to the Dais of Ascendance, where, if you are lucky will spawn Tower. If you are out of luck, touch the waystone next to you and in the next area, touch the waystone again. Repeat until you spawn Tower. If you have not killed any enemies or touched any Save Crystal, you will continue with your chain, you have started on Clay Golems.

This procedure will make the chance of getting the Grand Helm much higher and saves a lot of time. If Tower does not drop the Grand Helm, you will have to go to the first floor of the Pharos and then move to the 3rd Ascent - Spire Ravel - 1st Flight again. This procedure will reset Tower and after touching the waystones in the correct order, you will be able to respawn him again. Repeat until you finally acquire the Grand Helm.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Grand Helm is Basch's best accessory, and it increases his Defense dramatically while he is guarding.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Grand Helm is the second most powerful helm in the game, second only to the Onion Helm. It protects the wearer against Sleep and Blind.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Grand Helm is one of the three strongest helms in the game, and increases Bravery by 290 and Defense by 1. Unlike the Genji Helm or Adamant Helm, it is not part of a set.

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