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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Grand Dragon
Image:Grand Dragon-FFIX.PNG
Japanese グランドドラゴン
Romaji Gurandodoragon
Location Popos Heights, Cazedil Plains, Sacrobless Island, Lanar Island
Class Dragon
Steal Tent, Ether, Rising Sun
Item Dropped Phoenix Down, Ether
Card Dropped Grand Dragon
Abilities Poison Claw, Thundaga, Venom Breath
Eat LV3 Def-Less
Status Immunity Silence, Confusion, Darkness, Vanish

The Grand Dragon is a dragon enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It can be found Popos Heights on the Mist Continent, Cazedil Plains on the Outer Continent, Lanar Island, which is near the Qu's Marsh on the south end of the Forgotten Continent, and Sacrobless Island on the Salvage Archipelago.


Its particularly high stats make it one of the more difficult regular enemies in the game. Its Thundaga spell can instantly KO the entire party if their levels are not high enough. They can also inflict Venom.

To counter Thundaga, either equip the Coral Ring accessory (absorbs Thunder) or use the Auto-Reflect ability on everyone. When cast on the entire party and reflected, it can do around 5,000 Hit Points worth of damage. Also, make sure to equip the Antibody ability, in order to nullify the effect of Venom Breath.

Grand Dragons are susceptible to Instant Death. Have Quina use Level 5 Death (learned from Whale Zombies). This is a quick and relatively easy way to level up and learn abilities. They are also susceptible to the Blue Magic spell Level 3 Def-Less, which lowers their Defense.

Tetra Master

Grand Dragon

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