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Grand Cross in Final Fantasy IX.

Grand Cross is a recurring enemy ability in the Final Fantasy series. Used only by the final boss in most of its appearances, it causes a whole host of Status Effects. It is likely named after the astrological event of the same name, defined by nearly overwhelming tension and inability to make progress.




Final Fantasy V

Grand Cross is Neo Exdeath's ultimate attack, causing many different status effects to the whole party. It is predictable though, always following his Almagest attack.

In the Advance version, Enuo also uses this attack, more often than Exdeath and without warning.

Final Fantasy IX

Necron will use Grand Cross on a regular basis, usually inflicting the most severe status effects, including Death and Petrify.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Ultima's ultimate attack. Units hit by Grand Cross may even fall victim to multiple status effects from the attack, including Petrify. Ultima can use this ability in her Arch Seraph form, as part of Divine Magicks ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Neukhia's ultimate attack, Grand Cross will only be used when the Wisp is dead and it has charged enough of the stones on the battlefield. When used, it deals massive damage to any units standing beside a charged stone.

Using a trigger command while standing next to a glowing stone while it is still charging will prevent Grand Cross from being cast by that group of rocks.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Grand Cross appears as one of Exdeath's HP attacks. It creates a vortex that surrounds the enemy and converges inward, however it is incredibly slow and most of the time will only work when the enemy is in mid-range or long range. It can be assigned to both Air and Ground.


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