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"No, I mean take a submarine!"
No, I mean take a submarine!

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[[Template loop detected: Template:Utility/tvseries recurs|Template loop detected: Template:Utility/tvseries recurs]] ep 35

Conbanwa Convoy!
"Graduation Ceremony!!"
(Sotsugyō Shiki!!)
Production code BWN-35
Airdate 29 September 1999
Continuity Japanese Generation One cartoon continuity

Let's shoot Unicron with a gun, I'm sure that will work!



With Unicron's ego growing unmaginably self-important, Big Convoy decides that the only way to defeat him is with a gun—a big enough gun can solve any problem! He attaches the Energon Matrix in his chest to the gun he carries and shoots Unicron, killing him to death.

The Maximals celebrate by eating lunchboxes beneath the cherry blossoms while Navi-chan and Navi circle one another in what one can only assume is a mating ritual. Suddenly, Magmatron teleports back from the afterlife! He attacks the Maximals, only to be interrupted when an innocent child's wish brings Vector Sigma back to life, and she announces that with the old boss dead, Lio Convoy is the new boss, and they must all rebuild Cybertron. So all the Maximals and Predacons—including the ones who were never here—join forces to rebuild the robot houses Unicron knocked down.


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Maximals: ?
Predacons: ?

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