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Rydia under Gradual Petrify in Final Fantasy IV.
Symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Gradual Petrify, also known as Slow Numb, is a recurring status effect in the Final Fantasy series that causes the character to slowly turn into stone. It can be cured in the same way as Petrify.




Final Fantasy III

Called Petr in battle, after a few turns the affected character is turned to stone and is unable to act. Can be removed with the Soft item. The weapons Break Blade, Medusa Arrow, and Omnirod inflicts this status, as well as the spell Break.

Final Fantasy IV

Rather than turning into stone after a period of time, the unit will turn to stone after being successfully hit by an attack that induces Gradual Petrify three times.

Final Fantasy VI

The Overcast ability used by the Goddess inflicts a similar status that causes characters to slowly turn into Zombies.

Final Fantasy VII

Called Slow-Numb, characters with this condition are Petrified after 60 seconds.

Game Element Type Effect
Left Revenge Enemy Attack Reduces MP by 15/32 and inflicts Poison and Gradual Petrify.
Left Thrust Enemy Attack Reduces MP by 25/32 and inflicts Poison and Gradual Petrify.
Petrif-Eye Enemy Attack Inflicts Gradual Petrify.
Petrified Frog Enemy Attack Inflicts Toad and Gradual Petrify.
Petrify Smog Enemy Attack Inflicts Gradual Petrify.
Rock Finger Enemy Attack Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and Gradual Petrify.
Stone Stare Enemy Attack Inflicts Gradual Petrify.
Triclops Enemy Attack Inflicts Sadness and Gradual Petrify. Only used if all Grangalan Jr. Jr.s are dead.

Final Fantasy VIII

Called Petrifying, characters with this condition are Petrified when the counter reaches 0, roughly after 13.3 seconds.

Final Fantasy IX

Gradual Petrify, when inflicted on a character, causes a countdown meter of 10 to appear above the character's head. When the meter reaches zero, the unit is Petrified. Gradual Petrify can be healed by using the Soft item on the afflicted unit, or it can be prevented altogether by equipping the Jelly ability.

Final Fantasy XI

Gradual Petrification appears as an effect of the "Calcifying Mist" ability used by Notorious Monster Peistes in the Wings of the Goddess expansion. Afflicted players have their movement speed slowed down during the countdown until fully petrified.

Final Fantasy XII

"The character is turned to stone and will be unable to move or act once the count reaches 0. Remove with a Gold Needle."

Petrify slowly turns a character to stone in 10 counts, similar to how Condemned slowly kills them. As the timer runs down, the afflicted unit's resistance to physical attacks gradually increases, rendering them almost immune to such attacks when the countdown reaches 1. It can be cured with Esuna, but once the timer runs out and the character turns to Stone, they can only be cured by Stona, a Gold Needle, or a Remedy (once a character has acquired the appropriate Remedy Lore license).

The player can inflict Petrify by casting the Break spell, requiring the Time Magic 3 license, costing the player 30 LP.


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