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Dr. Grace Holloway
Also known as: Amazing Grace
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 1999, 2000
Actor: Daphne Ashbrook

Dr. Grace Holloway is a San Francisco cardiologist and ally of the Doctor. She is also a member of the board of trustees for the Institute for Technological Advancement and Research.


Dr. Grace Holloway was known as "Amazing Grace" by her colleagues at Walker General Hospital, where she worked as an on-call cardiologist (the "on-call" part of the job description being particularly annoying to her live-in boyfriend, Brian). On the evening of Dec. 31, 1999, she was attending an opera with her boyfriend when she received a page and rushed to the hospital to deal with an unusual cardiac case that had come in - a middle-aged man who had suffered minor bullet wounds but who apparently had some form of heart defect that caused two hearts to apparently appear on an X-ray.

Unknown to Grace, her patient was not human, and in the process of conducting exploratory surgery with a fibreoptic camera she found herself unable to navigate within the man's circulatory system. In the process of the surgery, she inadvertently causes a fatal injury to the man, who dies on the operating table. Upset after having lost a patient (an event witnessed by a group of hospital financial supporters, yet), Grace ordered an autopsy. However, due to the incident -- complicated by the fact the man's body subsequently disappeared from the morgue -- Holloway was fired the next morning. And her boyfriend also dumped her.

While leaving the hospital, she found a strange man in the back of her car, claiming to be the same man who had died the night before. Grace at first refused to believe he was the same man, but gradually became convinced, especially after watching the man extracting the remains of her probe from his chest. She learned that the man had undergone a process of regeneration which had allowed him to change his appearance and personality, but due to his being under anesthetic at the time, he was left with memory loss, and no knowledge of who he was. Hours later, however, the man suddenly regained his memories of being the Doctor, a Time Lord, and he celebrated the return of his memories by kissing Grace on the lips.

With his memories restored, the Doctor enlisted Grace in helping him defeat the Master, his enemy. During this time she was heard to exclaim how she'd finally found the right guy, only to discover "he's from another planet!"

She was possessed for a short while by the Master, during which time she betrayed the Doctor. She later unwillingly opened the Eye of Harmony inside the TARDIS and was in fact killed, but the Doctor used the Eye to bring her back to life.

After the defeat of the Master, the Doctor invited Grace to travel with him as a companion, but she declined. After sharing a romantic kiss with her, the Doctor departed in the TARDIS and each of them went their separate ways. (DW: Doctor Who: The TV Movie)

After the Doctor's departure, Grace began examining the remnants of a substance the Master spat at her during the battle, which led her to working with an MI6-sponsored genetics lab in hopes of creating a human-Time Lord hybrid capable of regeneration. When Holloway later is reunited with the Doctor, he chastises her for this, though they ultimately reconcile and part company with another kiss. (DWM: The Fallen)

Grace Holloway's ultimate fate has yet to be revealed, however the Eighth Doctor indicated that he was familiar with her work and that she was destined to do "great things". (DW: Doctor Who: The TV Movie) Holloway, however, misinterpreted this as being a reference to her work with MI6 on the human/Time Lord hybrid. (DWM: The Fallen) Her long-term impact on the Doctor is evident in that sometime later, he experienced a hallucination that he and Grace were married (DWM: The Glorious Dead), not far removed from his later imagining of the life he could have led with Joan Redfern (DW: The Family of Blood). By the time of his ninth incarnation, the Doctor may have been referring to his brief dalliance when he mentioned "kissing complete strangers" in a conversation with a pair of later companions (DW: The Long Game).

Grace expressed an interest in Puccini's operas and the art of da Vinci. (DW: Doctor Who: The TV Movie)

Behind the Scenes

  • Grace at one point exclaims "I finally found the right guy and he's from another planet!". Although the 1963-89 series occasionally gave subtle hints of attraction and even romance between the Doctor and other characters, this is the first time a character identified as a companion had been heard to directly express attraction towards the Doctor on screen.
  • According to media coverage of the telefilm in 1996, had Doctor Who been revived as a series at that time, the character of Grace Holloway would not have continued as a regular companion.
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