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"The regional governors now have direct control over their territories."
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, announcing the dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 0 BBY

A governor was the head of government for a colony, province, or other sub-national body politic in the galaxy. There were several usages of the word throughout the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, New Republic and Galactic Alliance.


Old Republic governors

Governors existed in the Galactic Republic as it was a federal system, control of local systems and sectors were left to their own governments. It seems that the Old Republic only used governors temporarily, for systems that were unstable or for those that were newly-admitted to the Republic and lacked any capable governing system of their own. Mousul sought to get appointed sector governor of Ansion's region of space.

During the Jedi Civil War Taris had a Governor appointed to administrate the Sith on Taris. He was eventually killed by Revan, who was seeking passage off-world.

The one known example of an Old Republic governor was the Seswenna Sector, which was ruled by a governor and a lieutenant governor from at least 33 BBY until the end of the Republic. The governor and lieutenant governor of the Sector also simultaneously served as the governor/lieutenant governor of its capital planet, Eriadu.

Presumably, Separatist planets recaptured during the Clone Wars were headed by governors.

Imperial Governors

The Empire left the self-government of many planets intact, especially those that were either indifferent or supportive of the New Order (such as Naboo and Corellia). Less than 1/80th of all planets had their governments altered. Planets that rebelled, were deemed hostile to the New Order, or newly-annexed by the Empire, had governors appointed. Some, such as Bakura, retained their government with only minor changes, but also had an appointed governor. The Empire also kept the position of Lieutenant Governor. Except for a few governors chosen by Palpatine, Imperial Governors were selected by the Imperial Ruling Council and received most orders from the Diplomatic Service. Emperor Palpatine had vague plans for eventually replacing the planetary governors with Dark Side Adepts, creating a "Dark Empire".

For Imperial governors of sectors and oversectors, see Moff.

New Republic governors

The New Republic's policy on governors (termed Governors-General) seemed to mirror that of the Old Republic. Both Corellia and Rhinnal had Governors-General, and at least Corellia's was elected by the planet's population. The Galactic Alliance continued the system, although several years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War it removed the Governor-General system from Corellia.



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