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Goro Inogashira

Goro Inogashira


猪頭 吾郎


Inogashira Gorō

English (Manga)

Goro Inogashira

Alternate names

Kreiger (DDM video game)

Debut (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 006

Appears in





Goro Inogashira, called Kreiger in the English version of the Dungeon Dice Monsters video game, was the senior class D festival committee president.

The Dungeon Dice Monsters video game mentions that it is not known if he hails from Hiroshima.





For three years, Inogashira's class cooked Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki for the school festival in the same spot. When he the 1st year class B have taken the spot, he demands they hand it over, although Anzu Mazaki protests that they won it in the lottery. Katsuya Jonouchi tries to pick a fight with him, but gets stuck in his giant Pop-up Pirate barrel. Inogashira punches Jonouchi hard in the face and orders the rest of his class to tear up the other class' stand. Yugi Mutou tries standing in their way, but gets knocked down.

The explosive puck breaks in the air hockey game.

Dark Yugi calls Inogashira to meet him at the festival spot in the middle of the night. Here Dark Yugi challenges him to a Shadow Game. They use the giant iron grill, Inogashira's class were going to use for their cooking as a an air hockey table and a block of ice containing a tube of an explosive chemical as a puck. Inogashira deals powerful blows to the puck, making it difficult for Dark Yugi to keep up. Dark Yugi, manages to nick the puck with his bat, causing the ice to break with Inogashira's next blow. The chemical hit the hot surface, causing it to explode in front of Inogashira.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

His name is mentioned much later in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX as one of Trueman's victims.

Crest Pool

In the Dungeon Dice Monsters video game, Kreiger's Crest Pool consists of Beasts, including "Mammoth Graveyard" and "Jellyfish".

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