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Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo
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"I assure you, my intentions are entirely honorable—as honorable as a Hutt can manage—"

Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo was the nephew of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, and a Hutt crime lord of the Desilijic kajidic, Eventually after his uncle's death Gorga took over his criminal empire and grew it farther than even Jabba himself ever went.




Jabba's treasure

Jabba's funeral urns are dropped on Gorga.

Big Gizz and Spiker, former Swoop riders for Jabba, at some point dropped Jabba's funeral urn on him, believing him to be the cause of the security tape with Jabba's treasure exploding, destroying the treasure and nearly killing both of them. Gorga was horrified and angry that his late uncle's ashes had been lost.

Hiring Boba Fett

While on Tatooine, a Hutt named Anachro caught Gorga's eye. Gorga found her to be beautiful. Unfortunately for him, Anachro was the daughter of Orko the H'uun, an enemy of his. Deciding that a gift might placate Orko, Gorga hired Boba Fett to kill Bar-Kooda, a pirate kingpin that had been harassing Orko's freighters. Fett succeeded, and Gorga, Anachro, and Orko celebrated Gorga and Anachro's impending nuptials by eating Bar-Kooda's corpse.

While on his honeymoon, slavers kidnapped Anachro on Skeebo, causing Gorga to hire Fett to get her back. Orko accused Gorga of staging the event, and the two Hutts might have come to blows, had Fett not arrived with Anachro. Gorga and Orko made a public reconciliation. However, Gorga soon found his father-in-law insufferable.

He hired Fett to assassinate Orko, but asked him to make it look accidental, so that Anachro's suspicions were not aroused. However, when he learned that Anachro was pregnant, he ordered the assassination called off. Unfortunately, Ry-Kooda, Bar-Kooda's brother, had murdered Orko in a particularly brutal fashion. Anachro accused Gorga of the murder, and in grief went back to her father's. Ry-Kooda attacked Anachro's transport, but Gorga stopped him, and Boba Fett ultimately killed Ry-Kooda. The turmoil of the event caused Anachro to give birth.

Profitable business ventures

Boba Fett's charges put Gorga in debt for two years, but his shrewd business skills paid off. Gorga managed to attain quite a fortune, including casinos, restaurants, and "cargo haulers". His family life was also prosperous and happy. Gorga sold precious ulikuo gemstones from Kip on the black market with a silent partner. He thought that his wife didn't know about this, but she of course did, being more keen and ambitious than she seemed. Gorga also had a Palace on Tatooine very similar to his late uncle's which may also be a sign of him slithering in Jabba's footsteps.


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