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Gordon (ghoul)
race: Ghoul
affiliation: The Brain
role: Opportunist
location: Gecko
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Optimize the powerplant
dialogue file: GCGORDON.MSG
actor: None

Gordon is a ghoul living in Gecko around 2241. He is described as very nicely dressed with his hair slicked back. He describes himself as greedy, although he adds that most people misunderstand greed, which is a powerful driving force.

Gordon is a member of the Brain's Renewal cult and he has calculated that if the Gecko reactor was running properly, we could generate an enormous amount of excess power -- far more than Gecko needs. He can give Chosen One a holodisk with economic data to give to councilman McClure from Vault City which could ensure further cooperation between the two towns.

Appearances in games

Gordon appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

Gordon "of Gecko" is clearly based off and a reference to the character of Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) from the film Wall Street, complete with his ideals of personal greed, style of dress, and "greed is good" monologue.

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