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Lieutenant Gordon was a Starfleet officer who served as a technician aboard the USS Enterprise in the 2260s.

In 2268, Gordon was found drunk while on duty monitoring the life support systems. His condition resulted in the carbon dioxide level on the Enterprise rising to a dangerous level. As a result, Captain Kirk had security relieve Gordon and confine him to quarters. (TOS novel: The Klingon Gambit)

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Roscoe Orman • (Season 6 - present)
Roscoe Orman as Gordon (1974-present).
Hal Miller as Gordon (1972-1974).
Matt Robinson as Gordon (1969-1972).
Telly Monster visits Gordon's high school science class in episode 2782.

Gordon Robinson is one of the original residents of Sesame Street, having debuted in the first episode along with his wife Susan. Originally a history teacher (as mentioned in the book All About Sesame Street), Gordon later became a science teacher.

Gordon and Susan reside at 123 Sesame Street and, in 1985, the couple adopted a son, Miles. Gordon was conceived as a strong paternal character and a role model for African American children who lacked a positive father figure. But like many of the Sesame Street adults, however, Gordon has transcended across the generations to appeal to children of all races, black or white. Though friendly and kind, Gordon is the most likely of the Sesame Street adults to offer firm admonishment when the situation requires. Gordon has also appeared in both Sesame Street films, Follow That Bird (where he played a key role in rescuing Big Bird) and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. More recently, Gordon has developed a recurring alter-ego, Trash Gordon, in bedtime stories told by Oscar to Slimey.

Though the characterization of Gordon has remained consistent, the casting has not, with three different performers taking the role in the series proper. Roscoe Orman recalled the difficulties with passing on the role: "The kids who were on the show that first season would not accept me as Gordon. One day there's Hal [Miller] as Gordon and the next day there's this new guy who says he's Gordon... the kids, both on the show and at home... they just assume that we are that person we're playing." [1]

Around 1991, Gordon's surname was finally revealed. It came about when a storyline involved Gordon teaching in the classroom, and the students couldn't address their teacher as "Gordon." Orman suggested "Mr. Robinson," in honor of the original Gordon, Matt Robinson.

An unidentified actor played Gordon in the series' first test show.


Book appearances


  1. Lance, Steven. Written Out of Television: A TV Lover's Guide to Cast Changes, 1945-1994. Maryland: Madison Books, 1996.

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Gordon can refer to:


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Final Fantasy

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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Sprite(s) Portrait sprite - NESPortrait sprite - PS/GBA Portrait sprite - PSP
Battle sprite - NES Battle sprite - PS/GBA Battle sprite - PSP
Map sprite - NES Map sprite - PS/GBAMap sprite - PSP
Kana ゴードン
Romaji Gōdon
Hometown Kashuan
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Blood Type B
Laterality Right-handed
Voice actor None
Final Fantasy II character
"Gordon honors the King of Fynn's memory by leading the rebel forces to make the king's dream a reality. Though he was once a prodigal prince, in the rebel army he gains strength of character and body."
Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition instruction manual

Gordon is a playable character from Final Fantasy II. He and his older brother Scott are the princes of Kashuan, allies of the Kingdom of Fynn, and both enamored with Princess Hilda.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

At the start of the game, Gordon is a man plagued with depression and self-loathing. He wanders in Altair, wallowing in grief as he blames himself for his brother’s death. This was due to the fact that just before the events of the game when the Palemecian Army had penetrated the royal castle in Fynn, Gordon fled in terror rather than help his brother, Scott, who was soon overpowered and mortally wounded by the army. His cowardice keeps him from joining the Wild Rose Rebellion, but he does offer the knowledge he possesses on various topics when asked.

What finally inspires him to take action is the rebellion’s need of the Sunfire to destroy the Dreadnaught. Firion and the others meet Gordon at Kashuan Keep as Gordon tried to find the Egil's Torch himself to prove to both his peers and to himself that he is strong. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue through the keep, due to the huge amount of monsters festering inside the keep and his lack of knowledge the full workings of the castle, despite being the prince of Kashuan. This revelation about himself threatens to drive him into despair once again. But instead, he pulls himself together and offers to fight and aid the party as they travel the now monster-infested castle, as he is the only one who can open the door to the Egil's Torch.

Upon his death, the King of Fynn recognizes how Gordon has grown and grants him control over the Rebellion’s army. After the party returns from Deist, they discover that Hilda had been captured and replaced with a Lamia Queen by the Palamecian Empire. Gordon requests to accompany Firion and the others on the rescue mission while Leila keeps watch on the army for him. Though thrown into the dungeon of the Coliseum, he still successfully rescues Hilda with the party’s help.

Gordon spends the rest of the game by Hilda’s side, leading the bulk of the Rebellion with her while Firion’s party acts as the front line. By the end of the game, they have pledged to join together to rebuild their kingdoms and Gordon finally believes that he can live up to his brother’s expectations.

Stats and Traits

Gordon comes to the party wielding a spear, and with balanced stats, thus fitting the classification as as Knight despite his HP and MP weaknesses compared to the other party members. If you train him hard enough, Gordon is actually quite strong. Since he has a Spear, it is best to train him with it.

Initial stats

Stats Level
HP 64
MP 5
Strength 22
Agility 22
Vitality 22
Intelligence 22
Spirit 22
Defense 0
Attack 11


  • Gordon's character has similar traits to the character of Edward Chris von Muir from Final Fantasy IV. Both of these characters have been seen as miserable, cowardly, and weak in their respective games but later rise up to become strong and brave.
  • Gordon makes a small cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a tutor from the in-game manuals.
  • Gordon does not appear in the Japanese novelization of the game.

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The content of this article has been cut.

This article covers a subject that was cut from the final version of a canonical source and appears in no other source. Cut content is not always canon, and thus should not be taken as such.

Gordon was an unsavory starport on the planet Aquilae (or Utapau), located in a wasteland and home to a cantina. A ruined temple was in the vicinity.

Kane Starkiller recruited Han Solo into the resistance against the Galactic Empire at Gordon.

Captain Oxus's crew were taking a shipment of Covina to Gordon when Han Solo hijacked his Pirate ship.

Behind the scenes

Gordon appeared in the treatment summary and rough draft for the film that would become A New Hope. It eventually became Mos Eisley in the second draft. The brief mention of Gordon in that draft suggests it is a different, unseen, settlement on Utapau.

It was named after Flash Gordon, whose exploits inspired the Star Wars saga.


  • The Star Wars: Story Synopsis
  • The Star Wars: Rough Draft
  • The Star Wars: First Draft
  • Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars (Mentioned only)


  • The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film

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File:Gordon.gif NPC Gordon
Location: Liberty Bay
Occupation: Sugar Cane Harvester
Notes: He is being mentioned in a piece of paper found in Yalahar. Regarding some new teleporters, Dr. Kleiner is the person who wrote the message.
Items traded: None.
See the entire NPC list.

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