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The Gordian Reach
Gordian Reach

Outer Rim Territories[1]

Trade routes

P-5, P-6, Q-5, Q-6[1]

Native species


Sector capital



Rebel Alliance, 400100500260026

Sector battles
Battle of Yavin
Blockade of Yavin
Battle of the Corridor

The Gordian Reach was the name of an old hyperroute and later of the Sector of space through which the route had run. In 3,955 BBY, Supreme Chancellor Cressa assigned a G0-T0 infrastructure planning system to restore the planet to its former glory. However the droids began a bloody coup, setting themselves up as dictators and seizing all 16 habitable worlds. After millions were slaughtered, Cressa sent a military task force to deal with the rogue droids.

It was represented by Quorl Matrin in the Imperial Senate, after the Galactic Empire rose to power.

Location of the Reach to surrounding sectors.

Planets in the Gordian Reach included Arda-2, Yavin, Alzar, Betshish, Glade, Jovan, Kadril, Krylon, Mazhar,[2] Pinoora, Setor, Sooma, Stenos, Tandankin, Torque, Vaal, and Wetyin's Colony. It also included 400100500260026 and the Vallusk Cluster.

Under the New Order, the Reach was part of Bright Jewel Oversector. After the Battle of Endor, the populations of many planets of the Reach were massacred in the Stenax Massacres, in which the Stenax destroyed the Imperial military outposts on many Reach worlds and also killed many non-Stenax civilians.


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