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Gorak was a male Klingon serving the empire in the early 24th century. In 2311, he held the rank of General. He was thin, muscular, and often led his men on the front ranks. In 2310, he helped crush an uprising on Ganalda IV.

In 2311, he was considered an enemy of Azetbur and was expected to soon challenge her. Many Klingons, including Ditagh, held loyalty to Gorak. After the resolution of the Tomed Incident, Gorak indeed attempted to assasinate Azetbur, but was thwarted by one of General Kaarg's guards, Moragh. (TLE novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)

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Goraks are encountered during and after the A Fairy Tale Part II quest, where they are found in a separate dimension from Gielinor's, the Gorak Plane. Unlike many other quest monsters, players may fight these again. Goraks can also be found in the God Wars Dungeon. They bleed through another dimension and choose the god which shows them battle, who happens to be Zamorak.

Goraks can be tough monsters to fight (see Strengths and weaknesses below) but can also be rewarding for players who can go toe-to-claw with them. They drop Gorak claws fairly often, which are ingredients for Magic essence potions. This makes them popular for players who want to make the potions. Goraks are also popular for those players seeking half key drops, as these seem to be more frequent from Goraks than from most other monsters. Goraks frequently drop uncut gems from Sapphire through Diamond. This would overall make them perhaps the one of the fastest ways to obtain these gems other than purchasing them on the Grand Exchange.

Goraks can be assigned as Slayer tasks in numbers of 40-80, by Duradel or Lapalok. Goraks will not be assigned as a task unless the player has started Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen



Strengths and weaknesses

Goraks use kicking attacks that ignore prayer and hit hard, so they are a fairly tough fight. Every damaging hit also drains one stat point from any random skill. Level 145 goraks can hit up to 14 damage a hit, and Level 149s can hit up to 15. They also attack at a rapid pace, approximately equal to a dagger's speed. Lower levelled players should be extremely cautious, however players reaching maximum combat stats should have little trouble culling large quantities.

Goraks have no reported weakness; however, despite their level they have fairly low defence and hitpoints. Cannons and melee attacks will kill them with ease. For meleers healing using Guthan's armour, returning from the Fairy Ring and healing on an Otherworldly Being may be advantageous.

Goraks in the Fairy rings network can be fought using Ranged or Magic without the user having to receive damage. Once a sizable number of Goraks have crowded around you, run into a middle corner on one of the four isolated walls, with luck, the Goraks will be blocked by one another and cannot hit you. Run toward a different side and try again if they are still able to hit you. The downside to this is that walking away from your spot to pick up big bones or drops will require getting the Goraks to block each other all over again.

Goraks can detect the presence of a player even from quite a distance. Although their dimension is not a multiway combat zone, it doesn't really matter whether you're being attacked or not; once you're around them and outside of the fairy ring, they will always try to cluster around and ready to attack you once you're free. Running to the edge of the dimension and keeping a wall of rock between you and the central area cuts down on the number of goraks clustering about you. However, it may be more convenient and safer to stay in the central area near the fairy ring, to be able to use it quickly.

In addition, Goraks also can be easily killed by simply hiding around the corner, trapping the Gorak around the corner making it unable to hit you, keeping you safe from its melee attacks. (Note that other Goraks can come from behind you and mess you up, but just run to the opposite side and again trap them).


  • Coins (27, 97, 104, 132, 286)




Music unlocked

  • Dimension X


  • As of the release of the God Wars Dungeon, Goraks had an unannounced graphical makeover. Strangely enough, however, the Goraks on the Gorak Plane have not had their image updated. This has yet to be fixed.
  • Goraks look somewhat like kangaroos; they use their legs to fight, and the letters in their name are also in kangaroo (except kangaroos don't have hooves for their front legs, they have paws).
  • Goraks do not seem to drop big bones 100% of the time. This is not a glitch.

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Gorak can refer to:

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