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Golrath Station
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3.5 ABY



Physical specifications

Golrath Station was a magma smelting plant located in the mouth of a volcano on the world known as Golrath. A large force-field dome protected the entire station from extreme thermal temperatures and the rivers of lava that would rise up on the volcano's perimeter from time to time. The bedrock that comprised the station's foundations harbored several strange characteristics. When heated, the mineral compounds absorbed ambient light rays, but when it cooled, it released those rays, playing them back; essentially, a natural hologram.

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, the Rebel Alliance maintained a temporary base of operations on Golrath. They used the base as a makeshift training facility, but due to the cooling of the magma supply, they abandoned the hostile region to settle on the more temperate world of Arbra.

Imperial forces learned of the abandoned station's existence and Darth Vader sent Lieutenant Mils Giel there to supervise a survey team in the hopes of uncovering information concerning the Alliance. During his occupation, he discovered several holograms projected from the bedrock foundations detailing Rebel training sequences. He immediately transmitted a communiqué to Darth Vader describing what he had learned.

Meanwhile, Princess Leia Organa likewise learned about their old station's holographic capabilities. Aware that Golrath Station was now under Imperial control, she personally led a strike team to the planet's surface to destroy any past evidence of their existence. Giel and Princess Leia faced one another inside the plant's reactor core chamber. Giel activated the overload circuits hoping that the destruction of the base might also kill Princess Leia. Both Leia and Giel managed to escape before the reactor core exploded, destroying the station.


  • Star Wars 50: The Crimson Forever (First appearance)
  • Star Wars 65: Golrath Never Forgets



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