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The crossroads, its signpost pointing to New Reno and Hell. The log shows one of the many Golgotha grave marker inscriptions, which include names of Fallout 2 production team members
map marker: Golgotha

Golgotha, in Fallout 2, is the graveyard outside of New Reno, where people are sent to be killed, and/or killed people are buried, when they fall out with one of the mob families in Reno. Graves lie to all four sides of a paved crossroads, and staked bodies rot in the sun. A sign points northwest to New Reno and down, conveniently indicating the direction of Hell.

Lloyd will take you here to recover the money he owes Salvatore. Reports of Coffin Willie's death were wildly exaggerated; he was buried by mistake and can be dug out of his untimely grave, to purely dramatic effect. This and Anna's grave (part of a quest) in Den are the only grave that can be dug up without giving the Chosen One the Karmic title of Grave Digger.

Golgotha is lavishly endowed with text descriptions on the grave markers; poetic inscriptions, limericks, and doggerel abound. Numerous names of Fallout production staff are in evidence.

Until you get the response from the Magic 8 ball, a grave in the right section, marked Trash, is empty. Once the clue is given, the grave contains $374. Per Jorner: "You are now officially rich"

Similarly, the third grave from the top in the southern sector is empty until Myron attempts to bribe you into keeping him in the party, by telling you about a secret Mordino stash. It contains:

Digging up the other graves will reduce your karma significantly. Save/reload. The player may wish to dig for the Mirrored Shades unless planning to kill Mason for his.

In addition to a single ironic Shovel, you can dig up:

$237 2 Flower 3 Knife Mirrored Shades 90 Morningstar Mine Scrip Leather Jacket
Switchblade 2 10mm SMG Spear Healing Powder Metal Armor Spiked Knuckles
Leather Armor Doctor's Bag Empty Hypodermic Shotgun 20 12 ga. Shotgun Shells Pack of Marked Cards
Loaded Dice Crowbar Rope 2 Rot Gut 2 Gamma Gulp Beer Roentgen Rum


In Christianity, the place where Jesus was crucified is also called Golgotha, in Greek meaning 'place of the skull'.


TNUF2G by Per Jorner: Golgotha

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Golgotha are highly evolved sentient beings.

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  • Cause madness


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Habitat: Habitat of this race is unknown.
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