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Gold Hairpin artwork from Final Fantasy V.

The Gold Hairpin (きんのかみかざり Kin no Kamikazari) is a recurring headgear in the Final Fantasy series. It usually has properties related to MP or Magic.




Final Fantasy II

The Gold Hairpin is Leila's default headgear equip and boosts Agility by 10.

Final Fantasy IV

The Gold Hairpin is an equippable item in Final Fantasy IV. It grants resistance to Lightning, and +7 Defense, +10 Magic Defense, +9 Magic Evasion, and +10 Intelligence. It can be bought for 20,000 gil in Tomra, but can also be won from various enemies. It is also found in Mist and the Lunar Ruins.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Gold Hairpin retains all of its properties from Final Fantasy IV, in addition to reducing damage done from dragons. It is only found in Kain's and Rydia's Challenge Dungeon.

Final Fantasy V

The Gold Hairpin is an equippable helm in Final Fantasy V. It halves all MP costs, but it provides no statistical boosts.

Final Fantasy VI

The Gold Hairpin is a Relic that halves the MP cost of all spells.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Zack can equip the Gold Hairpin. It extends the MP limit to 9,999.

Final Fantasy IX

The Gold Hairpin teaches Auto-Regen and Loudmouth to characters, and can be equipped by all characters with the exception of Steiner. It grants +32 Magic Defense, +1 Magic, and +2 Magic Evasion, as well as increasing the damage of Water-elemental attacks by the wielder.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Golden Hairpin accessory reduces the cost of all magic spells by half.

Final Fantasy XI

The Gold Hairpin is a moderately high level hairpin, crafted by Goldsmiths. Like all hairpins, it boosts MP at a cost to HP.

Final Fantasy XII

The Gold Hairpin can be purchased at Balfonheim.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Gold Hairpin grants a 50 MP Boost and immunity to Silence to the wearer.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Gold Hairpin grants the wearer immunity to Silence.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Again, the Gold Hairpin grants the wearer immunity to Silence.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Gold Hairpin is a Magic Raising artifact that increases Magic by 5.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Gold Hairpin is a level 36 helmet that provides +193 Bravery, but lowers HP by 167.


The Golden Hairpin is an important item from a Chinese tale of the name, A Golden Hairpin Saves Li Shimian's Life. [1]

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