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Gold Helmet, a piece of recurring Gold Equipment.

Gold Equipment (金 Kin, ゴールド Gōrudo) is a recurring type of equipment in the series. It usually appears as Armor, Shield, and Helm, though other parts may also appear. The equipment of this type is usually of mediocre power, and may or not wield special properties. The use of gold in armor and weaponry is usually for ceremonial purposes, as gold is a very soft metal and not fit for combat.




Final Fantasy II

Golden Armor is a mediocre armor that can be found halfway through the game. Only three pieces of this set appear: Gold Armor, Gold Cuirass, and Gold Shield. These armors grant protection to Poison.

Final Fantasy III

The Golden Sword appears as the weakest sword in the game, but it can be sold for a high price. A large quantity of them are found in Goldor Manor. Specifically, they may be found on the second floor.

Final Fantasy V

The Golden Armor, Golden Helm, and Golden Shield appear as mediocre gear for heavier jobs.

Final Fantasy VI

The Golden Armor, Helm, and Shield appear again as mediocre gear for Terra Branford, Edgar, Cyan Garamonde, Celes, Setzer, and Mog.

Final Fantasy VII

The Gold Armlet is mediocre armor that can be found at Gongaga Village and bought at Rocket Town. The Gold Barette is a weapon that can be used by Red XIII, while the Gold M-Phone is a weapon for Cait Sith, both of which are low-rank weapons.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Gold Armlet is an accessory that boosts max MP by 60% and prevents Silence.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Gold Armor, while not an equippable armor, is a GF Ability item that teaches "GF HP +30%" to any Guardian Force.

Final Fantasy IX

There is Gold Armor available to Steiner and Freya, most precisely, the Gold Armor and Helm.

Final Fantasy X

If an armor wields two Defense bonus abilities, it will be called "Gold".

Final Fantasy X-2

There is only one accessory of Gold in this game: the Gold Bracer, which raises max MP by 60%.

Final Fantasy XI

Gold is a basic Goldsmithing material, used in the creation of many types of equipment and currencies. It's typically ranked between Mythril and Platinum in value.

Final Fantasy XII

The Golden Armor and Golden Helm are part of the group of armor from the "Heavy Armor 4" license. The Golden Shield also appears as part of the "Shields 3" license.

Golden Amulet is an accessory.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Gold Earrings is an accessory for Filo that grants the team immunity to Stop, while the Gold Ring increases the amount of earned gil by 25%. The Gold Amulet increases the speed of Summons.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Golden Armor and Golden Helm reappear in Tactics. They are mediocre armor first found at Chapter 2.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Gold Armor teaches the Last Haste ability to the Mog Knight.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Golden Armor teaches the ability Critical: Haste and grants +38 Defense and +6 Resistance.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Gold Equipment is solely represented by Gold Armlets.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Gold Equipment is represented by only the Gold Mail, which is a high-ranked armor, usable at level 55, and provides 59 Defense.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Gold Helmet, Gold Armour, and Gold Shield make up the Gold Equipment in the game, and are the mid-ranked armor, with the exception of Gold Helmet which is the third strongest helmet in the game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Gold set consists of a Hairpin, Helm, Vest, Armor, Shield, Bangle, Armlet, Staff and Sword. The entire set is Level 36, except for the Armor which is Level 37. All of the items also have an enhanced version with the "+" suffix, which are Level 22, except for the Gold Armor+ which is Level 23. Which any three of the Gold items are equipped, they give the "Glorious Gold" combination, boosting the amount of gil the player earns in battle by 50%.

The Gold Hourglass is an Accessory that increases EX Mode duration by 20%. The Golden Amulet reduces Chase Brave damage by 20%.


Gold Shield in Final Fantasy V.

Gold Helmet in Final Fantasy V.

Gold Armor in Final Fantasy V.

Gold Barette in Final Fantasy VII.

Gold M-Phone in Final Fantasy VII.

Gold Armlet in Final Fantasy VII.

Golden Axe in Final Fantasy XII.

Golden Staff in Final Fantasy XII.

Golden Shield in Final Fantasy XII.

Gold Armour in Final Fantasy Adventure.

Gold Shield in Final Fantasy Adventure.

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