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Goethar Kleej
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Goethar Kleej was a male Gotal and a famous swoop-duelist during the Old Republic era. He was the fist warrior to win the Solo Aerials four consecutive times.


A slave kidnapped from the Colonies, he was trained to become a duelist on a place called "the farm", under extremely harsh conditions established there by the Franchise. The leader of the slave gang got mad at him early on during his stay there and ordered his horns severed - an act heinous in Gotal culture, since the electromagnetic signals received through them allowed Gotals to communicate on a higher level. Kleej was forced to wear prosthetics since then, as well as learn to live by his other senses. He had a son named Aubin, his mother was killed by the slavers as well. When he started his rise in a dueling career, the Franchise made a deal with him: as a long as he performed well, he was treated well, but he was not allowed to talk about the farm system.

In 3,963 BBY on a dueling ring on Jervo's world above Pantolomin Goethar, not knowing that his son was on another ring near to him, tried to tell the public the truth about the "farm". But the Franchise anticipated that move and had his speech replaced with a pre-recorded one. Goethar himself was threatened to be brought back to the farm unless he co-operated again. He was shown the holo of his son on the dueling ring and Bardron explained that though he was very unexpierienced, the players were instructed to avoid him to allow the son of the famous Goethar Kleej to advance. Goethar agreed to co-operate and asked to be placed on the ring next to his son. However, he was put in the last qualifier and Aubin was placed in the round with Zayne Carrick, whom Goethar asked, rather threatening, to keep Aubin in play and alive. Both Aubin in pair with Carrick and Goethar in pair with Rohlan Dyre managed to make it through to the Tandem Finals, where, with the help of Zayne and Marn Hierogryph, Goethar and Aubin were able to escape the arena in the stolen trash bin. Hot Prospect later delivered it to Pantolomin, where Goethar and Aubin, after a brief quarrel with Jarael about her past of slaver in The Crucible, were finally able to break free.


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