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The Zamorakian godsword.

The Godsword is the most powerful two-handed sword in Runescape. It has the highest slash and strength bonus of any weapon, both being +132, and requires 75 Attack to wield. The Godsword consists of two parts: Godsword blade and a Godsword hilt. There are four different godsword hilts, each representing a god that participated in the God Wars (Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, and Zamorak). All godswords have the same stats, however each hilt gives the sword a different powerful Special attack. The hilts differ in appearance, and price.

The Godsword blade is broken into 3 Godsword shards. Joining the shards together at an anvil requires level 80 Smithing, but the Assist System can be used. Attaching a hilt to a completed blade requires no skill levels. The shards are a rare drop from any of the God Wars Dungeon generals or bodyguards, while the hilts are dropped only by their respective generals and are the rarest drop for each of them, as the generals require a high level to kill these hilts are considered extremely valuable.

The Godswords require level 75 Attack to wield and are highly noted for their frequent high hits. (the Armadyl godsword's and Bandos godsword's special attacks increase damage even further by 25% and 10%, respectively.) They are also very accurate, making Godswords a very potent player-killing weapon, although their lack of Attack speed makes them unappealing for training and fighting NPCs; an Abyssal whip or Saradomin sword will end up dealing more damage per minute.


A player achieving the level requirement for Godswords

Historical context

In the concluding years of the God Wars, this weapon was widely sought after from all sides. One of the last battles of the God Wars was fought over this powerful weapon. It is said whichever god controlled it would have the power to turn the tide of the battle in their favour. Originally, Armadyl, Bandos, and Saradomin were allied as they fought against the forces of Zamorak; however as the battle wore on, greed got the better of the allies and they turned on each other[1].

However, before any god could claim the godsword, Guthix awoke from his deep slumber and ended the God Wars, putting the Edicts of Guthix in place to prevent further fighting. The dungeon where the Godsword was said to be held and fought over, and all combatants within, was sealed off and frozen, forgotten for millennia. Thousands of years later, in the start of the Fifth Age, tectonic activity in Gielinor and long rows of fires lit by adventurers thawed the dungeon and the monsters in it. Fighting resumed for control of the Godsword.

Special attacks

The Godsword special attack varies depending on which hilt is attached. The hilts can be switched at any time, so a player with 1 Godsword blade and all 4 hilts has access to all 4 special attacks.

God Special attack Description Percentage drained
Armadyl The Judgement Inflicts 25% more damage. 50%
Bandos Warstrike Inflicts 10% more damage and drains the opponent's combat statistics by the amount of damage inflicted. If a combat stat reaches 0 as it is being drained, remaining damage is used to drain another combat stat. They are drained in the following order: Defence, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Ranged. 100%
Saradomin Healing Blade One half of the damage inflicted will be added to Hitpoints, and one quarter to Prayer. Players will get a minimum of 10 Hitpoints and 5 Prayer, if the attack succeeds. If the attack misses, no Hitpoints or Prayer will be restored. 50%
Zamorak Ice cleave Freezes opponents in place for 20 seconds. They can still attack back with melee if the player is in range. 60%



Armadyl godsword

The Armadyl godsword is most effectively used in Player killing (Pking) situations and against boss monsters due to its high-hitting special attacks that makes killing easier and faster. It is the most commonly desired Godsword and as such, is the most expensive, as many Player killers seek it to have a greater chance of success at PvP combat . Despite its popularity, its special attack tends to be more unsuccessful than those of the other Godswords unless the user has high attack, strength, and luck. Whereas the other versions have secondary effects (lowering defence, healing, and freezing) to make any successful attack useful, the Armadyl Godsword is only beneficial if it hits over the ordinary maximum hit (although it will also boost damage of weaker attacks, the lack of a secondary effect makes this damage redundant).

Bandos godsword

The Bandos godsword has similar uses to the Armadyl godsword, in that they are used in PvP, albeit more commonly due to the lower price, and to kill boss monsters with no particular strategy required. The Bandos godsword is the cheapest Godsword, as well as the most common, because more players can access General Graardor than other bosses, and because Graardor is recognized by most players as the easiest boss to kill.

Saradomin godsword

The Saradomin godsword is most effectively used in monster-killing situations due to its helpful special attack. Its Prayer and Hitpoints boosts are often used by players training Slayer, doing the Barrows minigame, and general monster killing. It is also very useful when attempting the Fight Caves minigame. Using this along with the new Curses, allows for ultimate camping, especially when used with a Bunyip and/or a Guthans set.

Zamorak godsword

The Zamorak godsword is not particularly useful for general monster killing, but is very effective in specialized cases. Some of the most popular uses are freezing Commander Zilyana, who can kill players extremely quickly if she can reach them. It is also useful for freezing players in Player killing situations, to prevent them from escaping or to hold them out of melee attack range while they are attacked with ranged or Magic. It is also a very useful weapon in the minigame Castle Wars, to freeze the flagbearer, or someone trying to get the flag since many high leveled players have very high magic defence, and cannot be frozen with magic as easily. Also, it can prevent mages from escaping to farcast, and if facing a frozen melee opponent, the player can walk close to attack, then step away while their turn to attack comes back, meaning even a fast weapon like the Abyssal whip will not get any extra attacks on him.



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