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Godo Kisaragi

Godo Kisaragi (ゴドー・キサラギ Godō Kisaragi) is the leader of Wutai in Final Fantasy VII. He lives in a large pagoda in the Wutai settlement with his daughter, Yuffie Kisaragi.


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When the Shinra Electric Power Company began to expand to further reaches of the world, they aimed for the island of Wutai as a site of a Mako Reactor. Godo, however, disagreed and led his people into combat with Shinra forces, which lead to the Wutai War. When they lost to Shinra, and Materia use was banned in the area, Godo decided to turn the city into a tourist attraction (driving his daughter to steal Materia to try to bring back the glory to the nation). He has a bit of an obsession with Materia, but conceals it better than Yuffie.

After Yuffie defeats Godo in the Pagoda, he rewards her with her level 4 limit break as well as the Leviathan materia.


Main article: Godo (Boss)

Godo is fought as a boss as the last of the five fighters in the Wutai Pagoda. Since he is the last fighter, Godo is the most powerful and most difficult to defeat. Like all of the fighters, Yuffie must fight Godo alone.


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