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God books are books held in place of a shield. A player first receives a Damaged book and needs to add 4 torn pages to make a complete god book: Holy book, Book of balance, or Unholy book.

Obtaining the books

In the Horror from the Deep quest, you will receive a "Rusty casket." Speak to Jossik about this chest, and he will ask you to read what the chest says. You can choose from the three main Gods: Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak.

For whichever god you choose, you willl get a "Damaged book" of that god. When wielded, this book provides +5 to prayer. However, this is not the book's true potential. Torn pages that are missing from your Damaged book can be found and put back in to complete the book.

You can acquire torn pages by completing Treasure Trails, or by buying them from adventurers who have gained them as a reward from Treasure Trails. Torn pages are unique to each god's book. Once you have added all four torn pages, it becomes a new book depending on which god it is for. Saradomin's Damaged book becomes a Holy book, Guthix's Damaged book becomes a Book of balance, and Zamorak's Damaged book becomes an Unholy book. Each completed book has boosted stats as well as original +5 prayer:

  • Holy Book: +8 to all defence stats
  • Book of Balance: +4 to all attack and defence stats
  • Unholy Book: +8 to all attack stats
A player with an Unholy Book

Once you have completed your book, you may go back to Jossik and buy a different Damaged book for 5,000 coins. (Each book has 4 pages such as: Zamorak page 1/2/3/4, Guthix page 1/2/3/4, Saradomin page 1/2/3/4; see God pages) There are some disputes on the RuneScape forums concerning the ability to remove pages from the book, as over the months the prices for certain pages have increased dramatically.

A player with a Book of Balance.

Current market prices

The table below uses real-time market prices. For more information, or to update outdated prices, see Grand Exchange Market Watch/Treasures.

God book God Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Total price
Holy book Saradomin 66,400 52,100 29,100 30,800 178,400
Book of balance Guthix 21,800 19,900 24,500 20,200 86,400
Unholy book Zamorak 449,200 386,000 436,300 391,800 1,663,300

Losing the book

If a player loses their God book, they can go back to Jossik who will have found it "washed up ashore" and get it back for free, complete with all the pages it had beforehand.

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