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Omega Prime is an Autobot in the Robots in Disguise continuity family.
He can get any girl he wants... Even your girlfriend.

Due to the greed of Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime was forced into a combination with his brother. Ultra Magnus merely wanted the power of the Matrix of Leadership for himself, thinking that a combination would let him access that power. The result of their combination is Omega Prime, arguably the most powerful character to ever bear the name "Prime", as he has easily defeated the entire opposing Predacon troop on his own on multiple occasions.

Japanese name: God Fire Convoy




Robots in Disguise cartoon

He's neither making a list, nor checking it twice!
Voice actor: Daniel Riordan (English), ? (Japanese)

During a fight with Megatron, Optimus was ganged up on by Ruination who nearly destroyed him. Ultra Magnus showed after having followed Sky-Byte via a hidden tracking device. Feigning compassion and understanding his brother's heavy burden in carrying the Matrix, Ultra Magnus pretended to offer Prime his helping hand, only to seize it and force the two of them to combine. What he didn't expect, though, was that Optimus had as much control over their new body as Ultra Magnus did. His plan to steal the power of the Matrix backfired and he had to cooperate with Prime to defeat the Predacons. Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion

Omega Prime would later wield the Matrix Blade in the final battle against Galvatron. The Final Battle

Universe comic

Cybertron comic

Once again, Optimus and Magnus would team up to become Omega Prime. When the twins were abducted by the Chaos Bringer and pitted against his minions, the two combined into Omega Prime in order to fight off the Planet Eater's forces. The fight ended early, as Unicron's physical form was destroyed in another universe, resulting in a gigantic black hole that threatened to unravel the very fabric of existence. He later stopped Nemesis Prime from using the Dead Matrix to revive Unicron and destroy Primus with his boot of justice.


Robots in Disguise

  • Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus (2000 (Japan), 2001 (US))
Simply a combination of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, this toy was available in a two pack of the two smaller robots. However, the two-pack was short lived and the easiest way to get it was to buy the two separate toys individually. The Japanese version of the two-pack was a Toys R Us exclusive and was packaged with the Matrix Blade.


  • Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus (Sam's Club exclusives, 2003)
Redecos of the first toys, the red on Prime was replaced with yellow, and Magnus's blue was replaced with black.

Special attacks

  • Armor Piercing Servo
  • Cybertronic Blaster
  • Gatling Cannon
  • Gatling Laser
  • Matrix Blade
  • Omega Arsenal Blast
  • Omega Blaster
  • Omega Fist of Steel
  • Omega Kick
  • Omega Laser
  • Prime Ultra Laser

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